Mcintosh Bros Production Gunning for the Top Spots in Hollywood

Mcintosh Bros Production is the brainchild of two brothers, Javier and Jabriel Mcintosh. It is a full-service production company that operates from Atlanta, Georgia. The company is the top choice of many corporate brands and individuals for brand commercials, wedding videos, event coverage, and music videos. Some of the works that the company has executed have been featured at Cannes Film Festival, USA Today, and 20th Century Fox. Both brothers have impressive resumes, and they decided to start their own company.

The two brothers drew enough inspiration from their father, Eric Mcintosh, who always told them to pursue whatever they loved and build a business out of it if possible. This, perhaps, informed Javier’s choice of pursuing video production after graduating from college. Jabriel also toed in a similar direction and learned the ropes from his brother. While individually, the two brothers have conquered grounds in the field of video production, they decided to come together and establish Mcintosh Bros Production so they can be stronger together and achieve more.

The two brothers put together a team of creative individuals who are dedicated to the job and getting things done efficiently. Mcintosh Bros Production is an assembly of professional cinematographers, editors, and directors. They know all there is to know about shooting videos and creating high-quality visual content. And this team of professionals has gotten recognition for their work by getting the company listed as one of the top five videography editors at the World’s Largest Student Film Festival. Mcintosh Bros Production has worked with big corporate brands like PayPal, Coca-Cola, Ki, and Reebok on ads, commercials, and other promotional videos.

In July 2020, Javier and Jabriel Mcintosh decided to diversify from video production into content delivery. They launched Freeli TV, a free linear multi-channel streaming platform designed for the Black community. There are lots of streaming platforms like Freeli, but only Freeli TV is showing content created by Black people for Black people. Freeli TV comes with more than 50 channels; so there is a certainty that everyone can find something entertaining for them. Freeli TV is revolutionary and it is aiming to do great numbers.

With more than ten years of collective experience between them, Javide and Jabriel are well-versed in different areas of videography and video production. They have filmed car commercials, wedding videos, and music videos, which is a part of the company that they intend to amplify. Aside from shooting thousands of car commercials and other types of video production, Mcintosh Bros Production will be focusing on music videos in the coming year.

The Mcintosh brothers have shown a great deal of resilience and pure hard work, and their goal is to become one of the top video production companies in the United States and even beyond. There are more products and services in the works, all due for announcements soon. They also hope that Freeli TV will scale into a bigger app and become widely adopted around the world. 

Learn more about Mcintosh Bros Productions on the website.