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Shawn Fair Expands Horizons for Aspiring Motivators Using the Right Mindset and Drive

People want to become the change they desire. However, the process may be painstaking; it requires considerable effort and experience to foster abilities that unlock an individual’s potential. The act itself is difficult, but it is more so on people who act as catalysts for change. For Shawn Fair, this is a task that he has been doing for many years.

Shawn is a motivational speaker and a coach. With his consulting firm, Fair Consulting Group, he guides individuals and businesses in taking the correct steps to positive reformation. In all his engagements with clients, particularly in the corporate world, Shawn emphasizes the importance of change for personal and business growth. For more than 22 years, he has been part of the successes of thousands of executives, managers, and sales professionals all over.

To cement a legacy within the community, Shawn bands with Keyon Clinton, a similarly-gifted motivator, in gathering select individuals to undergo a speaking training program meant to develop more visionaries like him.

Aspirants pass through a screening process. For Shawn, there are individuals gifted with an innate aptitude to connect with people, engage audiences, and compel them to carry out the reformation process. These are individuals that Shawn looks for in his speaking program and leadership speaking tour. Others fall a little bit short of the criteria. Daniel Ortiz, for one, failed to make the cut. But Shawn, in his many years of service, learned to extend a helping hand for people like Daniel.

Daniel struggles with ADHD. The condition resulted in Daniel to have difficulty focusing, reading for long periods of time, and communicating. “To be fair to Daniel, we expressed our concern and stated to him that there is a lot of work to do, and it would take a massive commitment, practice, studying, and dedication on his part,” shared Shawn. But Daniel managed to convince the duo to allow him to join. “What I have found over the years is that when you meet someone like Daniel, who has the determination of a lion, they can overcome any obstacle and achieve what they truly put their minds to.”

Today, Daniel is slowly gaining momentum and footing. He continuously updates his communication skills—tirelessly practicing, recording videos, and improving his speech. Every day, he proves to his professional and personal peers that with the right mindset and willingness, anybody can win in life.

With the help of Shawn and the Fair Consulting Group, Daniel braves odds. Shawn believes that aligning the mind with the goal is crucial for achieving heights. The trademark of Fair Consulting Group is honing the right individuals who not only have the skills to motivate but also the drive to excel. “If you have that determination and you are ready to work and prove that you belong on the big stage, Shawn Fair and Fair Consulting Group, maybe the team to give you that shot you are looking for,” Shawn concluded.

For more information about Shawn and the Fair Consulting Group, visit their website. Find more information on Shawn’s Virtual Leadership Training here.

Dance and Counseling Studio Giving a Brighter Future to Those in Need

Ayesha Watson-Hawkins is the founder and owner of, a dance studio that looks to mentor youth through dance. Her studio caters to dance enthusiasts of all ages, mostly younger masses. Her goal is to build character and discipline through mentoring, coaching, and training her students in dance and life. The dance studio is also the mother company for a counseling program called Exploring Your Purpose (EYP). The program offers behavioral counseling, individual and family counseling, supported employment, case management, and mobile health and wellness services. 

Not often does one meet people who can merge two seemingly distinct passions in a graceful display of execution. But that’s what Ayesha does daily, bringing together her love for dance and helping people into one expression of love.

The non-profit organization focuses on working with people who have been debilitated by mental and physical disabilities. They’ve also worked with individuals who are victims of housing linkage, substance abuse, domestic violence, grief, or job loss. The company is manned by a great roster of staff who look to help people. Exploring Your Purpose specializes in helping people secure employment, providing services such as school to work transition, job readiness training, job placement coaching, and employee enhancement. This service could not come at a better time as millions of people lose jobs due to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Ayesha has been a dancer almost all of her life. She started by performing as a cheerleader in the Southwest DeKalb High School First Basketball back in 1987. Since then, Ayesha mostly envelopes herself in her love of dance. Twenty years ago, she started Studio and had been helping people of all ages cope with life’s difficulties through dance. Known today as Coach Ayesha, a Pillar of the Community, she uses her influence and skill to leave a positive impact on the lives of people.

As an active member of society, Ayesha feels attached to people who need help the most. She loves working mostly with low-income families, helping many of them live, sustain, and maintain a good living condition by helping them develop soft and hard skills that can bring more employment and earning opportunities. Even as a minority non-profit company, Exploring Your Purpose has found great partnerships. They are a recipient of support and partnership from organizations like DeKalb Recreations, Toys For Tots, Atlanta Food Festival, GVRA, and Publix, along with many others. 

Through the programs, over five hundred individuals have received placements in jobs or school. Ayesha and her team have also assisted over three hundred households by helping them build skills necessary to survive within their communities. The organization never closes its door to their past clients. As a result, Exploring Your Purpose has created long-term relationships with people who have come to the program for help.

Ayesha holds a master’s degree in human behavior and is currently working on her PhD in counseling. She has held multiple community development roles in the past. Before shifting to full time in 2019, she served as one of the Supported Employment Reviewers of the Department of Behavioral Health Adult Mental Health program.

Ayesha and Studio reside in Decatur, Georgia. To learn more about Ayesha and her programs, visit their website.