Enagic Brings Clean Water to Everyone’s Homes

Having clean water to drink is a privilege that most people tend to take for granted. In truth, not everyone has access to clean drinking water. Water is an essential part of life since it helps transport vitamins and minerals in a person’s body. It is necessary to keep the water clean and sanitary like Enagic aims to distribute all over the country.

Enagic, the Kangen Water Machine company, has been around since 1974. The company initially started in Japan but is now a global company in over 23 countries with over 40 corporate locations. 

The Kangen Water product is a registered medical device in Japan and was initially used in hospitals. After seeing the benefits of Reduced Molecular Electrolyzed water, Kangen Water brought by Enagic followed suit to provide home units one of the safest water to consume. Enagic’s mission is for everyone to experience good health and overall wellness of the different aspects of one’s life. 

Enagic takes pride in coming up with a revolutionary product – the Kangen Water product. The company’s water systems are medical-grade water ionizers that restructure regular tap water into different pH levels. This remarkable feat is considered a green chemistry innovation since it reduces the plastic pollution problem. As such, the creation of the Kangen water product helps solve massive global problems.

Every machine sold is one less family drinking toxic, chemical leaching, plastic residue, and fragments that pollute the oceans. Moreover, the Kangen water machines provide drinking water that is rich in antioxidants and has therapeutic properties. Changing the water’s pH level helps lessen water-borne diseases and cancer because some illnesses cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. Kangen Water is loaded with natural alkaline minerals that can help oxygenate the blood, detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, and help the body push out the acidity. 

During the 1950s, Japan was struck by severe acid rains that came from China. Determined to bring healthy pure water to their people, scientists began working on a solution. Searching far and wide, they dug from the Himalayas and throughout India in search of a natural healing source. Miraculously, they found healing waters that were alkaline and hexagonal. Armed with this secret, they returned to Japan and constructed the first commercial water ionizer that would revolutionize our health. This experience inspired the team behind the Kangen water product, thus creating more alkaline water. It is found that alkaline water contains more healing properties.

Today, over 4,000 Enagic water systems are sold every month in the USA, and the numbers are steadily climbing. Known for the Gold Standard, Enagic is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They also hold various environmental awards along with medical certificates from Japan.

Enagic also helps many families generate an extra income stream through its unique direct sales program, which is available to everyone who becomes a customer of its products. The company decided to use a direct sales model to help others have an opportunity to be part of the Enagic legacy. 

Check out this high-tech water system on Enagic’s official website and Kangen Water’s website, Instagram, and Facebook.