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Bella Ballerina Is Natalie Perkins’ Studio for Young Ballerinas and Business Opportunity for Women

Creativity is such an important thing that children need to grow up with. It gives them the opportunity to try out new ideas and gives them new ways to solve problems.

Having creative activities allows children to celebrate their uniqueness and encourage self-expression, but it also helps build character and confidence. There are many ways to project creativity, and for many girls, dance is one of the best outlets.

Although dance studios are typically a go-to business idea for some entrepreneurs, and starting up may be a challenge, entrepreneur Natalie Perkins’ dance studio has succeeded and managed to thrive.

She founded Bella Ballerina to offer young dancers a fun and educational experience like no other. Her dance studio centers around storybook themes, offering intimate settings with small class sizes. The dancers in Bella Ballerina are given the freedom to explore the art of dance through imagination, movement, and fun. Each class in the studio is age-appropriate, from the littlest ballerinas to the bigger kids, providing them with light and fun lessons.

Natalie believes that each dancer’s imagination truly makes them prima ballerinas, as they are always doing their best without ever having been taught a step. It’s that same imagination where they can grow not only a dance education but a genuine love for dance through indulging all that is frilly, fun, and beautiful. At the same time, it builds confidence in the strong young dancers who are in their toddler and early childhood years.

Unlike typical dance studios in the industry, the boutique children’s dance studio offers an entirely open concept that allows parents to experience their children’s class. 

The programs that Bella Ballerina offers provides both students and parents with the chance to explore the world of dance free from the pressure and stress of traditional settings. They guide the dancer’s parents every step of the way with an enjoyable experience as they watch their children grow.

Natalie created Bella Ballerina to be a franchise opportunity for women who want to own a small businesses that can fit into their challenging lifestyle. This is because they make the most critical decisions in the family, such as whether they should have children and choose a career that fits the family.

It is the perfect opportunity for women working in 9 to 5 jobs who want to quit and take on a better kind of business as well as stay at home mothers itching to get back to work despite family responsibilities.

When Bella Ballerina was first opened, Natalie was overwhelmed with the positive reviews that came in and the amazing enrollment numbers despite how little effort it required. The studio began to grow, inspiring Natalie to dream bigger. Bella Ballerina’s unique concept has seen an incredible income stream with classes, camps, parties, branded retail, and even mobile programming.

With the success of Bella Ballerina, she hopes to open more studio locations throughout the entire United States.

To know more about Bella Ballerina and it’s programs and franchise opportunities, please visit their website.

House of Helping Hands and Its Mission to Help Children Overcome Abuse

A staggering 72% of women who came from abusive relationships decided to stay because they had no means to provide for their children. This also means that a considerably large number of children were made to withstand the traumatic experience of being silent witnesses to the abuse or be victims themselves. House of Helping Hands, a charitable institution, is making it their mission to remove these children from their toxic environment and help them overcome their trauma.

House of Helping Hands is a place of refuge for both women and their children who are victims of abuse, whether physically or sexually. Aside from being able to avail of a safe housing facility where they can recuperate from the trauma, they are also made to go through helpful therapy sessions to help them deal with their difficult experiences. Furthermore, women are made to undergo a skills development program to help them get job placements that will secure a better future for them and their children. 

“We envision a broad network of mentoring and adult support to foster youth. With this support, we seek to prevent foster youth from becoming delinquent from school, homeless, or involved with the juvenile justice system. We believe adult mentorship can also help prevent drug abuse and teen pregnancy. For foster youth to benefit from this support, the broader culture must change its view of them. We seek to erase the stigma of foster care and ensure that from the moment a child enters the foster system, they are surrounded by stable, loving, trained adults,” explains Eli Hilomen, founder of House of Helping Hands. 

Despite their painful past, the hardworking staff at House of Helping Hands believe that children who are victims of abuse need not become liabilities in their respective communities. Instead, the institution is helping them process their experience, talk about their emotions, express themselves in a manner that helps them heal on the inside, and how to overcome their trauma. In doing this, the House of Helping Hands trained therapists are confident that they can one day become contributors to the community. 

The House of Helping Hands offers evening and daytime support group meetings where women are educated about their rights, learn how to recognize domestic violence, understand the barriers of leaving, and learn legal insights at the same time. Trained members of the staff help victims process their options and see things from a better perspective. Coming up with a concrete plan is something that victims get to experience so they can plot the beginning of their new life. Counseling services in English and Spanish are available.

As House of Helping Hands is a charitable institution, it relies on its donors and social partners for financial and other types of support to cater to the immediate and short-term needs of the victims. The success of the institution and its many advocacies is only possible with the help and support of donors from around the country. Without them, the vision of providing a new life for women and their children cannot be fully realized. Learn more about the House of Helping Hands by visiting its website. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Dr. Velma Trayham Uses Her Voice and Experience to Empower Fellow Entrepreneurs

Empathy is vital in a seemingly competitive world, such as the one people live in today. Sharing knowledge and resources is essential, and with the recently emerging mentorship platforms, there seems to be much hope for those who are willing to work hard and learn. At the forefront of this educational space is Dr. Velma Trayham—an award-winning marketing expert and entrepreneur.

Velma is the founder of a pioneering non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia, called Millionaire Mastermind Academy. The economic empowerment program, launched in December of 2017, aims to empower women and help them rise above poverty through entrepreneurship. Since its launch, Millionaire Mastermind Academy has spearheaded numerous entrepreneurial programs that have elevated the lives of women from poverty, helping them create a promising future for them and their families. Through the platform, Velma has coached over 5,000 women through economic empowerment conferences. Today, it hopes to continue leading impactful and innovative programs that benefit the lives of female business owners, especially those coming from economically unstable communities.

To further her reach in this mission she has set out to do, Velma has recently set in motion her own talk show called “Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Velma Trayham.” The educational show, which centers on business empowerment and entrepreneurship, airs on the AIB TV Network every Friday. It has an audience of over two million households via the cable systems of Comcast Channel 295 and AT&T U-verse Channel 6 and is available for streaming on various devices through the AIB Everywhere platform.

Furthermore, Velma is the CEO of several successful businesses, including Atlanta-based enterprise Thinkzilla Consulting Group. Through the said company, she and her dedicated team help numerous small businesses, government agencies, and even Fortune 500 companies in terms of marketing, branding, public relations, and corporate events, among other services. Led by Velma’s tenacity and sincere desire to be instrumental in others’ success, Thinkzilla Consulting Group has helped over 200 prominent organizations in achieving their revenue and branding goals.

Praised as one of the Nation’s Top Business Experts and one of today’s leading revolutionary thinkers, Velma has serviced notable clients, including Herozona Foundation, NASCAR, FIJI water, and Atlanta Airlines Terminal, among others. She has been awarded numerous accolades in her career as well, with the most recent ones, including the 2019 Top Leadership Award by the International Dream Team Academy and being named one of the 2019 Atlanta Business League Top 100 Women of Influence.

Velma is committed to sharing her knowledge and helping facilitate the success of others. She believes that successful leaders like herself have a duty to do so to further contribute to their communities. The entrepreneur has her sights set on using her experience in creating and marketing her businesses to aid others in doing the same for their own enterprises. She shares: “I was motivated to build my brand because I had to overcome poverty and my circumstances. When I realized how hard it was for me to do that I realized I had to help other people overcome the barriers that I had overcome. I am passionate about creating a blueprint for the next generation of leaders.”

To connect with this vibrant entrepreneur on a mission to change the world, visit her website. One may also know more about her company, Thinkzilla Consulting Group, through its webpage.

Online Spiritual Platform, The Abundant Me, Enables Women to Live Their Lives with Ease and Harmony

Often, women find themselves breaking their backs to provide care and happiness for someone else. They go the extra mile to attend to their partners, children, the rest of their family, and friends. And for some, there is the compounded exhaustion that comes from juggling a career and raising a family. But women sometimes forget that time and attention must also be allocated to themselves, to the practice of self-care, and to investing in one’s own development. 

Kashon Abdul-Qadir established The Abundant Me to serve as an essential reminder to women all over the world that they should not remain martyrs to the needs and desires of everyone else. As a mom, wife, and business owner, she is cognizant of women’s tendency to forget the importance of nurturing themselves while playing their multiple roles. Through The Abundant Me, this woman on a mission hopes to help women create a positive and practical way of abundant living. 

Three years ago, Kashon walked away from the security of her six-figure nine to five job to finally live life on her own terms by working from home. The job paid very well but left her unfulfilled and depleted, an emotional state she had to contend with while she also had to battle against the feelings of stress, anger, sadness, and being lost after years of struggling with an autoimmune disease. In addition, Kashon fell into the pit of unhealthy relationships, finding herself a single mother and unhappy.

Kashon decided to take charge of her life and put spirituality at the forefront upon realizing that she has been neglecting her most important relationship — that with herself. And within a short period, this spiritual success coach manifested a supportive husband, grew her family and earned a string of accomplishments, including getting a 2800-square-foot-home remodeled, establishing her own business, attracting an Essence commercial, having her products featured in five publications, being invited to participate in luxurious events at celebrity homes, and more. 

And now, she is sharing her journey with others, enabling the same success in others that she has found. Through The Abundant Me, Kashon provides women with affordable access to various spiritual and personal development tools to create and live a life of abundance, ease, and harmony, even amidst the most challenging situations. 

As a platform, The Abundant Me offers workshops, retreats, and proven strategies to women, helping them address stress, anxiety, fear, and scarcity. Its core offerings include a twelve-week online program called Divine Feminine Academy that takes a deep dive into Kashon’s Inner Engineering teachings fused with Reiki healing, Egyptian goddess practices, the Money Mindset manifesto, and more. And aside from its online courses and resources, The Abundant Me also delivers Reiki healing and coaching sessions.

This future leading online spiritual platform has sparked countless women’s long-buried passion for what they want. More importantly, it has also opened their eyes to how they are not maximizing their potential by sticking to roles and responsibilities that are only draining them of energy. 

With Kashon at the helm, this retreat resource lets women know that abundant life is possible. And in the coming years, The Abundant Me wishes to become the go-to place of healing for women, especially people of color worldwide.

Learn more about The Abundant Me by visiting its website and checking out its Instagram page.