The CBD Writer David Anthony Schroeder Fights Back Against Disinformation With New Book

The United States is grappling with a significant drug crisis that can, in large part, be traced back to chronic pain, overprescribing, and opioid dependency. Chronic pain has been linked to limited mobility, anxiety, depression, reduced quality of life, addiction, and even death.

For over fifty years, David Anthony Schroeder struggled with chronic pain. He has tried almost everything to ease the pain, but no option worked well enough for him. That is until he was given a CBD pain stick and found almost immediate relief from his pain. He was astounded at CBD’s seemingly magical properties but found too much disinformation about the treatment. After spending three years weeding through the bad and the good information about CBD, David wrote the book 7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD. He has effectively become one of the nation’s foremost advocates for the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for therapeutic pain management.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 50 million Americans live with chronic pain. Another 20 million live with high-impact chronic pain. These individuals live a compromised life in both play and work because of the pain.

Numerous studies have shown that cannabis, hemp, and cannabidiol, also known as CBD, to be a very effective non-addictive pain management tool. But since they are plants, they’re considered medicine and need to be regulated.

David has done the research for everyone and has published an easy-to-understand guide on CBD with his book, 7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD. The book is specially written for anyone who knows little or nothing about using CBD and gives the reader a basic understanding of how to find high-quality CBD, read and understand product test results, read product labels, and use CBD for pain effectively. The book features a comprehensive checklist on how to purchase quality CBD while weeding out the snake-oil salesman.

CBD is most known for its anti-inflammatory property; it helps reduce swelling and pain. According to David, there are four types of patients that can benefit from CBD-induced pain relief.

Acute pain sufferers experience pain that comes on suddenly, such as from an accident or a fall. This type of pain generally lasts 6 to 12 weeks, while the human body is healing itself. Using CBD for acute pain can reduce the amount of time the body needs to heal itself, as it reduces the swelling in the muscle tissue, allowing more oxygen to come into the injured area.

Chronic pain sufferers, such as David, can find continual pain relief from CBD. Chronic pain is something that doesn’t go away because of injuries or because of illness, and it can last for many years.

A high-impact chronic pain person is a type whose chronic pain is so severe it limits them from participating in major activities.

The fourth type is the CRPS person. This stands for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, nicknamed the “The Burning Limb Syndrome.” This type of pain is so severe that it has been described as submerging a quarter of your body into a vat of gasoline while it’s on fire, and you have no choice but to sit in that vat. Some people have taken it so far as to take off a limb, to experience life without pain.

David hopes that with his book, more and more pain sufferers can find a suitable CBD pain relief product to help them find long-lasting relief.

Learn more about David Schroeder and his advocacy on his website, and the book may be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart.