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Taiwanese Foreign Minister: We are not afraid of China’s threats

Photo Credit: Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs via Reuters

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu of Taiwan valiantly opposes China and declares that his country will continue to steadfastly defend its independence and democracy even in the face of greater and graver threats from Chinese authorities. China started acting erratically after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan last week.

China replied to Pelosi’s visit to Taipei last week by announcing that it would conduct military exercises and other operations all throughout the nation. Even though Pelosi had already left the country, the drills continued, which prompted the minister to make a declaration of defiance against the superpower.

“China has always been threatening Taiwan for years, and it’s getting more serious in the last few years. Whether Speaker Pelosi visits Taiwan or not, the Chinese military threat against Taiwan has always been there, and that is the fact that we need to deal with,” Minister Wu said.

Wu claimed that Taiwan welcomed the US House Speaker because it needed to strengthen its ties with other nations, something China has consistently prevented. Wu claimed that despite the potential consequences, Taiwan has decided to break away from China’s hold because China tried to isolate it from the rest of the world.

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“(China) cannot dictate to Taiwan that we should not welcome anyone who likes to come and show support for Taiwan,” Wu added.

China reacts to Pelosi’s Taiwan trip

The Chinese administration has long opposed Pelosi’s intentions to visit Taiwan. Despite China’s threats, Pelosi visited Taiwan and spoke with the country’s legislators along with other government representatives and personnel.

Since Pelosi’s visit, there haven’t been any high-ranking US incumbent officials who went to the nation for 25 years.

China subsequently declared that it would start military exercises close to Taiwan when Pelosi arrived in Taipei. The exercises were scheduled to stop on Sunday but have continued for extended times, according to experts, who said that they have been carried out “closer than before.”

Communities in Taiwan maintained their composure during the military exercises. As usual, business was conducted, and Taiwanese society maintained its current structure.

Wu added that the threat from China merely served to motivate the country’s administration to fortify its ties with other nations and demonstrate that it is not intimidated by China’s incitement of fear.

“I worry that China may really launch a war against Taiwan,” minister Wu said. “But what it is doing right now is trying to scare us, and the best way to deal with it (is) to show to China that we are not scared.”

Pelosi in Taiwan

Wu said they were taken aback by the visit because Pelosi’s arrival was announced so last-minute.

“Since her travel is always subject to a lot of considerations, especially security considerations … we were not able to find out until the very last moment when she firmed up her plan,” the minister added.

Pelosi visited President Tsai Ing-wen in Taiwan as a matter of politeness, and the two had a short exchange. The House Speaker then met with the nation’s legislature and discussed numerous topics of the state that Wu declined to share. Pelosi then reassured the Taiwanese president that “the US stands with Taiwan.”

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Wu states that she was astounded by the Speaker’s allure, particularly when she arrived and informed the Taiwanese officers who were awaiting her that she had been anticipating the visit for a very long time.

“And by the time she departed, she not only said goodbye to me, but also said goodbye to the ground crew, the security people, and to those people who had been taking care of the airport, one by one,” Wu recalled.

Wu said that Taiwan’s actions and decisions have long been supported by the US. But this time, the minister said, the support was “unprecedented.”

Source: CNN

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