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Taylor Gault Emphasizes the Importance of Basketball IQ

Athletes can reach great heights thanks to their natural talent and drive to improve as players continually. However, not every athlete has the drive to improve, and it often leaves them behind. That was a lesson that Coach Taylor Gault learned the hard way.

Even when she was younger, Taylor Gault’s basketball talents were evident. Developing as a child, she would take the court by storm and even became something of a celebrity player at Conway High School in Arkansas. Taylor averaged 18 points, eight rebounds, four assists, and three steals. For three straight seasons, she earned All-State and All-Conference for the highest classification in the state. 

Such was her athleticism that scouts came to watch the young prospect progress over the years. Swept away by her vertical jump shot, agility, and points averaged, Taylor was recruited to the small Division 1 school of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a full basketball scholarship. Taylor was confident with her skills, and she knew she could make it against the best. However, it wasn’t until Taylor entered college that she developed a basketball IQ. 

In her freshman year, Taylor’s brilliance was evident as she started 32 out of 33 games and earned several awards and honors. Taylor had been named the 2012 Freshman All-American, MVP of the Sunbelt Tournament, and made an appearance at the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. But despite all that, she learned nothing. Taylor made the terrible mistake of not realizing how much more there was to learn.

Over the years, she would go from starting games consistently to sitting on the bench. Throughout her entire senior year, Taylor started as a substitute. As much as it pains her to admit, Taylor was stuck in her ways. Even with her coaches telling her upfront how terrible her defense was, she never took the initiative to become a better player.

The four years Taylor spent playing Division 1 college basketball and competing at the highest level was the most challenging experience she ever had. Every time she was asked what she would do after basketball, Taylor would always reply the same thing, that she didn’t know. At the time, her focus had only been basketball, and she had never taken the time to plan out her life financially.

When she completed her studies, Taylor took the time to gain experience and went overseas. Since coming back, she has dedicated her life to making sure that the next generation of basketball players don’t make the same mistake. Like any coach, Taylor has a philosophy, and she teaches players how they can develop basketball IQ. She brings value to breaking down the correct way to play defense and how to get through screens.

Taylor Gault also uses basketball to transition into the subject of life. She cites the lessons she learned as an athlete to guide kids and teach them to develop a relentless work ethic and to be financially prepared even at an early age. Taylor emphasizes the importance of being educated.

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