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The 2 Big Issues in Youth Basketball and How NBA Trainer DJ Sackmann & Hoop Study Are Solving It

DJ Sackmann is an American basketball trainer and the founder of HoopStudy. HoopStudy is an online basketball platform that provides players and coaches with a global hub of proven knowledge and basketball philosophy. HoopStudy is currently the largest basketball course database in the world. DJ specializes in skill development and works with players of all levels. Over the last decade, Sackmann has been working with players from the NBA level down to the middle school level. He has spent a lot of time with some of the most renowned coaches in the world to discuss player development strategies and how to implement them with their players and teams. DJ has also spent a lot of time overseas in countries like Russia, Israel, China, Australia, Austria, and Turkey. He works with a lot of the basketball federations overseas and holds coaches clinics as well as massive events for players. In his time travelling and coaching, it dawned on DJ that the United States is behind the ball when it comes to basketball coaching and the approaches taken to it. Sackmann recognized this and developed HoopStudy to provide digital courses to improve your basketball IQ. 

The 2 Big Problems In Youth 

Basketball: ISSUE # 1: Too much skill work and not enough basketball IQ development. 

“There has been a massive influx of trainers coming into the game over the last few years and the market has become saturated with player development. It seems like we are helping players become skilled at 1 on 1, which is fine, but they really need to be successful in 5 on 5. A player can make 100 moves but doesn’t know what a ball screen is; a trainer can teach a crossover but doesn’t know what a 45 cut is. This is an issue and that’s why we have shifted HoopStudy to focus solely on IQ. If a player can be super skilled plus know how to play the game, they can be successful, but you need both. The same thing goes for coaches and trainers. If they can truly understand the game, they can perfect their craft. So I felt the basketball space as a whole could benefit from IQ courses that can help individuals improve their basketball knowledge. 

ISSUE # 2: Not enough qualified coaches.

In the United States, youth basketball is Typically taught by volunteer coaches or parents whereas overseas youth basketball is typically coached by certified coaches that are on salary. Unqualified coaches don’t necessarily stimulate young player’s development properly which can lead to poor basketball IQ, bad mechanics, or a lack of fundamentals. The main focus point is on winning meaningless games for the most part, not development. This hinders the player’s ability to maximize their potential as a basketball player. There are many players across the country who have well developed skill and talent, but they don’t know how to play the game at a competitive level because there are not enough qualified coaches to teach them. “These courses are built for the player to improve their knowledge, and also for the parent or volunteer coach to improve their knowledge. Focusing on the player and the coach, we can truly make a positive impact on our youth players.” 

The Solution 

DJ’s vision with HoopStudy is to digitally provide expert level coaching to the millions of American and overseas basketball players who are missing out on it, while also equipping coaches and trainers with the resources they need to help their players achieve success. Players need resources to improve their craft and volunteer coaches and parent coaches need resources to help the youth. Hoopstudy’s online curriculums are designed to teach everyone the ins and outs of the game of basketball. Whether someone is a beginner or a professional athlete, HoopStudy has courses that will improve their basketball knowledge. Sackmann is teaching players to actually learn the game instead of just playing it, and he went on to say “That is when skill work can really shine.” Technology is rapidly changing the industry so HoopStudy made all of their courses available through cell phones and desktops for easier access and on the go E learning. It’s the first ever platform that provides basketball exams and quizzes for individuals to be held accountable with the hopes of retaining more information. There is no other source for players to access this valuable information that they are missing out on in their everyday work. The future is rapidly approaching and Sackmann has plans to adapt to it. HoopStudy has been a big presence in the cryptocurrency space, and is excited for things like the metaverse, NFT’S and augmented reality to develop more. DJ and HoopStudy show no signs of slowing down, and are excited to bring these technological advancements to basketball once they are more consumer friendly. 

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