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The Bored Doge Club Becomes the Latest Doge-Inspired Project on the NFT Realm

Through the years, since cryptocurrency became one of the most talked-about subjects online, many people have engineered their own brand. Still, none have replicated the unexpected success that the Dogecoin achieved. Since then, people have attempted to recreate other projects under the Doge banner, hoping to generate similar financial success in the crypto and NFT spaces. Unfortunately, although many have tried, only a few have been able to emulate a fraction of Dogecoin’s success. However, the NFT project Bored Doge Club is hoping to turn things around.

Like other Doge-titled projects, the Bored Doge Club was inspired by the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. The project developers cite its meteoric rise and massive following as their great inspiration. What initially started as a joke became one of the most successful crypto assets on the market, with endorsements from Elon Musk and other celebrities with thousands of memes emerging on various social media platforms, transforming Dogecoin into one of the most widely known cryptos.

The Bored Doge Club brings together Dogecoin enthusiasts and believers in the power of hold and community. But apart from the sense community, the Doge Club developers wanted to bring people together for their art. “To bring together people who recognize themselves in our Bored Doge, in his Bored look, as we all are from time to time,” said the developers.

The NFT project was created by a collective of people who described themselves as “bored” and without anything to lose. The project was meant to celebrate a sense of community among peers, celebrate simple things in life, and buy Dogecoin. The community is dedicated to celebrating everything Doge, not just to hold and for the memes, but also for their love for the Doge.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone could find themselves there, feel accepted, and feel like they could be themselves,” they elaborated. “Indeed, we can’t always be happy or full of energy. Sometimes, we are bored. We have the right to be, and we accept ourselves as we are.”

The Doge NFT developed is a testimony to the team’s goal of standing out not just among Doge-related projects but throughout the NFT space. Although they use digital art, the project strays from the two-dimensional realm, breathing life and realism into the art pieces. The result is a collection of 8,989 incredibly realistic 3D Doges. Each texture has been carefully worked on for hours by several artists collaborating to arrive at the optimal final result. 

“The look of our Doge is deliberately bored, a difficult look to capture, but when we got it, we knew,” shared the Doge Club team. “That look we all have at least once a day. That’s the genius of it. Everyone can relate to the Bored Doge. First, there was the Doge, the same one. Now there’s the Bored Doge Club.”

Since the announcement and previews released on their social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter, the Bored Doge Club has garnered interest from different corners of the digital space, with many expressing their interest in the uniquely-animated NFT.

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