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The BrokenGirl Unchained Podcast Empowers Women to Live Their Best Life

A lot of women who go through emotional, physical, and sexual trauma find it extremely difficult to move forward in life, especially if there is a repetition of the same abuse in the succeeding years. Those who are lucky enough to rebuild their lives years after the abuse took place eventually manage to make the best of their new beginning. However, there is no guarantee that the abuse will not resurface even as they brave the new season in their lives. The BrokenGirl Unchained Podcast and blog is a platform that intends to empower women to create their best lives despite their brokenness and painful past. 

Founded and hosted by Juliet Ramos, the podcast is best known for its relatable, raw, and straightforward content about marriage, parenting, surviving a divorce, overcoming betrayal, dealing with anger, and getting back on one’s feet after a hard blow. Juliet herself is a living testimony of how she chose to leave behind her unseemly past from being neglected and rejected by her mother to having to deal with a narcissistic ex-husband and a failed marriage. 

Through her podcast, Juliet Ramose hopes to empower women to take control of their lives, to pursue their own happiness, and not depend on anyone for it. All her life, Juliet struggled with rejection and abandonment. It all started with her own mother, the person that every child expects to be a refuge and source of security. In Juliet’s case, however, she was made to feel unwanted and unimportant most of the time. This made her question a lot of things and strained her relationship with her mother immensely. 

When she finally met her ex-husband, Juliet had high hopes for their marriage. They started a family together and had four children. Everything seemed perfectly fine until she detected red flags. When the betrayal happened, Juliet spiraled into a deep hole, asking herself what she did wrong to deserve such a blow from the man she trusted with her life. At some point, she lost all hope, felt insignificant, angry, confused, and as if life had ended. If not for her children, she would have never recovered from the pain that her marriage caused her. 

Drawing strength from the love and adoration of her children, Juliet Ramos found the courage to build her comeback story. And truth be told, everyone loves a good comeback story. She stepped out of the darkness and found her own light, pushed herself until she was as strong as she can be, and conquered the airwaves with her bold statements on her podcast. Now, Juliet Ramos is such a powerful force to contend with, and she is not one to be messed with. 

“There’s something to be said about a woman with that profound strength that comes from the unknown. And there’s no better story told about a woman that has fire in her eyes, that hunger that drives her hustle, the kind of woman that rose from the cold floor she was left on, that kind of strength is spoken for, that kind of woman will always reclaim her heart and save herself. Fear that kind of woman. Be that kind of woman,” Juliet Ramos shares.Learn more about Juliet Ramos and BrokenGirl Unchained Podcast by visiting this website. Check out the podcast’s Instagram account for updates.

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