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The Credit Repair Surgeons Founder Manny Naya Has Helped Over 9000 People Achieve Financial Stability

Migrated to the United States at just ten months old, Manny Naya experienced a rough patch growing up. He persevered, becoming the first person in his family to graduate high school and the first to become a self-proclaimed millionaire. 

As a highly motivated, innovative, and goal-driven person, Manny is a prospering entrepreneur who established a booming business in the middle of the COVID-19 economic crisis. He founded The Credit Repair Surgeons, LLC, in March 2020. In just six months, Manny generated over 3 million dollars in profit and transformed the lives of thousands of people.

The company takes great pride in helping people restore their credit, leverage their financial power, and provide them with many credit inspired opportunities. Manny and his team have the expertise to turn any challenging debt situation into a possible path for optimal improvement, creating the best way forward to get his clients back to financial stability.

By giving clients the ability and opportunity, their clients can transform their lives in ways they have always envisioned: some finally get approved of a credit card, and others already buy their own car or their first home.

Results-driven and having a tunnel vision, the company does not stray away from their main objectives and does not waste their client’s time. The marketing is outstanding in their work; they can be reached through social media, emails, or even direct calls with a response time of no longer than an hour.

All of their clients are given the utmost attention and care. The company does not just repair credit; they also teach clients about finances, how to manage funds, how to excel, and build more credit and keep their credit clean. Clients are taught the principles of starting a business, making it successful, and creating business credit.

Manny always makes sure his company goes above and beyond for his clients, leading his company to stand out against competitors.

Before diving into credit repair, Manny was one of the most recognized elite personal trainers in the music industry. He worked with prestigious Grammy Award-winning producers like Vinylz and Allen Ritter, and historical Grammy Award Latin music manager Johnny Marines. Though Manny loved what he did, the pandemic restrictions put his role at a standstill.

Not being able to do his initial job has driven Manny to think outside the box, where he ultimately discovered the business demand for superb credit repair support.

Though he faced hardships all throughout his life, Manny leveraged those experiences to fuel his dedication to becoming the inspiring icon he is today. Now, Manny is the pinnacle representation of what a true leader should be. He was able to thrive in the worst period for business start-ups and grew from 0 clients to over 9000, from blue-collar Americans to high profile celebrities.

Above all, Manny wants to inspire people and remind them there is hope. It also does not hurt to seek help to improve one’s conditions in life, like credit repair. The drive and dedication are what make people successful, and prosperity naturally comes along. 

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