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The Designers Group CEO Blima Ehrentreu Spearheads the TDG Furniture Exchange to Carry Out Her Advocacy

Sometimes it takes one moment to spark a vast idea. This is precisely what happened to CEO Blima Ehrentreu of The Designers Group, “At The Designers Group, we love to beautify interiors. I am so grateful that I could make a career out of what I love to do. I am excited to use my platform to help other people,” Blima Ehrentreu explained while discussing The Designers Group’s new furniture initiative. 

“I was moving into a new home and had furniture that I no longer needed. I realized there is an opportunity here to help those who need furniture and cannot afford it.”

Blima’s interior design firm, The Designers Group, has begun to develop a new initiative called TDG Furniture Exchange. This unique philanthropic program will allow those who have unneeded furniture place it with families and individuals who can use it.

“We are fortunate to be able to help those who cannot afford a beautiful space the possibility of one at no cost to them. We are renting extra space in our building for people to drop off their furniture and for us to store it. From there, we have a specialized system that will help us facilitate those pieces to people who can use it. We are planning on expanding this initiative to other states and countries, and the outpouring of offers has shown us how needed this service is.”

TDG has created a logistical support team that will help pick up and deliver furniture. From there, they will store it in their rented space and match it to the families and individuals who are most in need. They will have scheduled pickups and drops off to ensure a seamless transition for those who want to donate. 

“Since the inception of The Designers Group, I have made it my mission to curate spaces to better people’s surroundings. I was able to expand and help businesses translate their brands into areas of their own. Now I want to use my firm to develop our brand of enhancing interiors and expand that to improving people’s lives.” If you would like to collaborate with The Designers Group and help the TDG Furniture Exchange, please reach out to You can also know more about The Designers Group by visiting their website.

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