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The Driver Ape Racing Club Is Stirring up the Metaverse With Its Race-Crazed Extraterrestrial Apes

The Driver Ape Racing Club is an entirely new NFT collection that boasts of 7,777 extraterrestrial apes that seem to be consumed by the thought of racing cars. With quite the detailed grounding, it would appear that these apes are not your average, run-of-the-mill primates as they seem to originate from another galaxy, taking a massive liking to Earth after discovering that its inhabitants are down for anything when it comes to racing. 

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have long been taking the world by storm, digitally and physically. Simply put, these so-called tokens represent unique digital assets, non-interchangeable and usually stored in a specific blockchain, taking the form of digital artworks, music, photos, trading cards, tweets, animated GIFs, and so much more.

In this case, the Driver Ape Racing Club offers future holders ape NFTs designed to be distinct from each other. Each Driver Ape from the pool of 7,777 gets a randomly generated trait that would somehow set it apart from others in the line-up. Once minted, holders can enjoy the numerous benefits that come with owning a Driver Ape NFT. Although the idea of owning a digital asset on the internet is quite daunting, upon further scrutinization, one could say that its complexity is shallow, especially past the intimidating terminologies and circumstances. 

As such, holders who have the chance to mint the Driver Ape NFTs will own the piece of digital artwork where it will forever remain on the blockchain along with its proof of digital ownership. Once in the blockchain, there is no way to alter or tamper with it, making it as secure as can be. While it’s an honor to be holding a piece of unique NFT, holders of Driver Ape NFTs are viable to win a custom helmet, join a karting tournament, gain access to the world’s most prestigious racing competitions and participate in the metaverse’s first-ever digital car race – just a few perks for being part of the community. So holding a Driver Ape NFT will not only give enthusiasts bragging rights, but they also are eligible for numerous benefits that this particular NFT team has come up with.  

While NFTs are a separate piece of tech, they usually inhabit specific blockchains, just like how the Driver Ape Racing Club occupies the Solana blockchain. The Driver Ape Racing Club has no definite date when they will be available to mint. Still, the team is moving forward with their plans by taking the much-needed initiatives to get the racing party started, including inviting interested individuals into their official Discord server. Once the server hits around 20,000 people, members have a chance to receive highly-desired VIP access and a right to join the official pre-sale. Pre-sale dates are subject to change, but the team regularly posts updates on their social media platforms. 

The Driver Ape Racing Club team are huge fans of the movie saga, Planet of the Apes and the clothing brand Brape, giving them the inspiration on their NFT’s design, and even though apes are being done by plenty of other NFT brands, DARC stands out with its creative and unique designs. 

The team behind the project is also keen on partnering with ten of the world’s more renowned car groups and certain personalities from around the world in the hopes of attracting even more enthusiasts. 

Check out the team’s Instagram and Twitter for more updates about the club or the website for more information about the upcoming token.

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