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The Funky Bunnies are Steadily Making Their Way to the Metaverse, Bringing Along Exciting Rewards

An emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community known as the Funky Bunnies is making its way to the metaverse and is expected to showcase impressive rewards to potential holders. The token community is a collection of 3,333 bunnies in 3D and is uniquely designed to impress digital art collectors. The rising token space, however, promises to be more than just an impressive set of artworks. It also guarantees a remarkable experience for all of its future members. 

Interestingly, the Funky Bunnies have a distinct and hard-core look. It is designed to be a new kind of art and a fancy playground from Asia-based artist studio AllenxRoot. The characters have a hardcore and punk feel to them, making them one of the most exciting digital artworks to grace the metaverse ever.

The token community’s roadmap is just as impressive as its exciting characters. It is divided into four major phases. The first phase will involve the art drop, the creation of a new multiverse, and the introduction of the Funky Bunnies vibe, while the creators focus on quality and growing the community significantly. The second phase will introduce a wide array of awe-inspiring developments, including the launching of the custom NFT merchandise store, the crypto casino, the play-to-earn feature showcasing bunnies, and new art drops. Additionally, token holders get to upload any of their NFTs and get custom merchandise. The crypto casino is a must-see as well. 

Phase three of the roadmap is all about reaching out to others and creating massive collaborations to add value to the experiences of the holders. The community intends to collaborate with other metaverses, games, and bunny cryptos within the blockchain. Somewhere in between, Funky Bunnies will reveal its own cryptocurrency, which is one of the most anticipated announcements. The fourth phase is more or less the staking platform. It will also introduce the Web3 coaching platform. Token holders will also get the opportunity to stake their NFTs in this phase. 

Artist Allen B. is considered the ultimate bunny within the community as founder and lead artist on the project. The token community also reveals his inspiring story, something he hopes will encourage others like him to never give up on their dream to achieve a better life. 

“When I was a teenager, I was unable to buy any crypto or NFTs as I was born in a not so rich family, I struggled my way in learning everything on my own, and now I have everything that it takes to touch the sky with my thinking. It is rightly said that talent supersedes all kinds of obstacles and finally finds its way to the ultimate destination where one needs to be,” Allen explained. “Now, I want to create a better world with my art! All I need is your support! Come join me on this journey, I promise it would be worth your while, this time it would be something more.”

Allen B. is joined by his hardworking team in guaranteeing that the Funky Bunnies fulfills its objectives. As a community, it promises to bring a whole new level of NFT experience to its holders and from there, evolve into something powerful within the blockchain. Their Discord and Twitter are gaining a good amount of people. Their Instagram has just gained above 40k following recently.

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