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The Meta Knights Collections Brings the Medieval Era Back Through Pixel NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have been springing up from virtually anywhere. With many launching 3D artworks by the millions over the years, the founders of the Meta Knights NFT collection believe that pixel NFTs are still the way to go.

The Meta Knights NFT collection is composed of pixel art knights that aim to transport holders into a unique retro metaverse. The project wants to bring something fresh to the table, producing something that has never been done in the NFT landscape before. Taking inspiration from the iconic television show Game of Thrones, the founders want to produce knights that are robust enough to conquer anything in their masterfully-crafted Meta Kingdom.

“We are the first 8-bit Knight NFT. And just as knights did in the medieval times, we are a project that prides itself in being honorable and transparent with its community,” the founders explained. “We started with just knights but have now evolved to integrate a utility token for our Meta Kingdom ecosystem, a subset of virtual property NFTs called Meta Manors and are planning to gamify the Meta Kingdom with the support of our community,” they added further.

The Meta Knights NFT collection will include 9,999 metaverse knights ready to defend the Meta Kingdom from the forces of evil. As every Meta Knight serves as a ticket for holders to enter the community’s exclusive membership, along with all its perks, NFT enthusiasts are already flocking over into their discord server even before mint day. 

“The Meta Kingdom is comprised of six major functions, and each Meta Knight is a member of their respective faction. Along with an army of Meta Knights, each faction has their own overload plotting to dominate the Meta Kingdom and Hero tasked with protecting the realm,” explained the founders. 

In addition, the founders explained that any holder of the animated knights would receive special perks. As owners of the one-on-one token, the team will reward them with giveaways distributed through virtual events held on its discord server. The founders also aim to collaborate with other pixel art projects and extend their support to the entire NFT community. “Our lore and world are integral to our project, with the community helping build it and craft their own stories,” they explained. 

The Meta Knights NFT collection also wants to tap investors who are avid and passionate fans of DnD and medieval fantasy. The tokens bear a narrative that has not been told before, and the founders are confident that it will trigger interest among many fantasy lovers.

On their roadmap, the founders outlined a detailed plan for Meta Knights. “We are committed to getting verified on OpenSea and having our collection on RarityTools,” they shared. The collection will also launch a 5 ETH charity donations challenge, where a worthy organization will be selected by the community and will be given 5 ETH in the form of a donation. In addition, the founders will create the Lore challenge, designed to create unique backstories for every holder’s Meta Knight. The creator of the most voted backstory will receive a one of one, ultra-rare Meta Overload.

The Meta Knights NFT collection will be available for presale, providing limited access to only 500 discord members on mint day. 

Learn more about the Meta Knights NFT collection on its website, Instagram, and Twitter. Join their Discord server for updates and perks.

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