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The Mintonians, an MMORPG-Inspired Collection Set to Explode into the NFT Scene

Even with the year already drawing close, the main character that hogged the spotlight during the first quarter of 2021 shows no sign of slowing down. In the months following its astronomic rise, non-fungible tokens continue to capture the attention not only of digital asset enthusiasts but also that of the general public. Given the value these blockchain-hosted non-interchangeable units of data can offer to celebrities, artists, creators, and companies, it’s not surprising why NFTs are predicted to become a staple presence in the financial landscape in the years to come. This December, a roster of anticipated drops is set to explode into the scene. Among those aiming to stand out and distinguish themselves amid the sea of collections available today are the Mintonians. 

The Mintonians are a brand new collection of 10,000 uniquely designed characters that will be launched on MintySwap, a fresh new platform dedicated to minting NFTs and swapping tokens. Currently making a buzz for its potential, this community hopes to deliver utility above anything else.

“We aim to provide consumers access to cryptocurrency-based financial services, allowing them to exchange, or ‘swap’ various digital assets,” shared the strategic minds at the helm of the budding power player. “We facilitate cross-chain Dex between ETH and BNB and cross-chain swaps to conduct exchange settlements beyond the limitations of a typical isolated Blockchain network.”

In light of the dynamic markets for lending, exchange, derivatives, and more, MintySwap promises to provide a one-stop aggregation and exchange platform for consumers and offer developers access to an open, distributed, limitless, and secure trading environment. And it is looking forward to seeing NFT collectors, crypto traders, and gamers rush to its marketplace once the Mintonians officially launch. 

Every token under the collection is not merely a digitized artwork representing a character in an MMORPG game called Legends of Mintonia—they bear considerable value as owning one gives holders a boatload of benefits. Additionally, ten out of the 10,000 Mintonians belong to the Diamond Series and minting any of these super rare NFTs offers people the chance at more rewards.

“By holding one of the Diamond Series, you receive more than just the hottest new NFT. For each month that you hold one of them, we will pay you $500. That amount increases by $100 each month until we cap it at $10,000 a month. If you hold it till the six-month mark, we will give you a Minty Diamond necklace,” explained the team spearheading the project. “One of these 10 Diamond Series NFTs owners will then get to win $1,000,000.” In its recent launch, NFT was sold out and raised a whopping $500,000 in just ten minutes.

On top of its presale, which started on December 1, a string of other events linked to the drop of the Mintonian can also be expected. Currently, its creators are religiously adhering to a roadmap that includes the drop of merchandise and collaborations, as well as the release of the MMORPG Legends of Mintonia, a game where Mintonian owners can take their NFT and use it as their in-game avatar.

Learn more about the Mintonians by visiting its website and checking out its Instagram and Twitter page.

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