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The New Mobile App That Lets You Earn Crypto When You Shop

Recent supply chain issues have caused the prices of consumer goods to go up, and consumers are looking for new ways to pinch pennies wherever possible. Cashback apps are an excellent way for consumers to save money and earn rewards without changing their buying and spending habits. Rewards Bunny, now available on the App Store and Google Play store, is a unique new offering.

Like other cashback apps, Rewards Bunny features thousands of online stores, including well-known brands like eBay, Walmart, and, and rewards you with cashback of a percentage of your purchase. You sign into the Rewards Bunny app, decide what cashback offer is best for you, and within 72 hours, your reward is credited to your account. It’s an intuitive, effortless way to earn money on purchases you would make anyway.

Rewards Bunny allows users to earn cash back by shopping how they want to when they want to. From the user’s side, it’s just a tiny, easy added step to what they are already doing. For a few seconds of their time, consumers can earn rewards on pretty much any purchase online. And with the new mobile apps, it’s easier than ever for Rewards Bunny users to earn using the platform.

The thing that makes Rewards Bunny unique, though, is that you can earn your cashback in either USD or cryptocurrency. This feature is an exciting prospect for many because you are getting money back that you would have been spending. That money is invested in a way that will grow alongside the value of the cryptocurrency. As such, the earning potential offered by Rewards Bunny is significantly higher than that of traditional cashback incentive programs.

One of the significant effects of this on the cryptocurrency market is the expansion of the viability of cryptocurrency for average consumers. “Many users are hesitant to purchase crypto on designated platforms, so we have designed a system where they can purchase household, as well as luxury items, with their native currency and earn the cashback in crypto. This fosters financial inclusivity in this meteoric rising market and allows the other 99% to participate in the crypto revolution,” says Jacky Goh, founder of Rewards Bunny. Now, the risk of investing in crypto is significantly reduced.

The enhanced security features of the Rewards Bunny mobile apps likewise help to set it out above the competition. Consumers understandably meet anything that has to do with money with hesitance because they don’t want to put their hard-earned money at risk. However, thanks to enhanced data security and privacy protection measures, users can rest assured that their money is safe with Rewards Bunny.

In addition to earning money through cashback on purchases, the “Earn More” feature of Rewards Bunny allows users to multiply their earnings by even easier means. Inviting friends to use the platform, as well as a tiered membership system, are just a few other ways users can earn additional incentives. It’s easy to keep your money multiplying like bunnies through Rewards Bunny’s app features.

Users looking to find a way to get their feet wet in the world of cryptocurrency will find that Rewards Bunny’s easy-to-use cashback platform is a great way to kick off their earnings. Consumers can earn rewards for their regular shopping activity, and cryptocurrency options allow their rewards to keep growing. This is the future of online shopping.

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