The Nightfall Group Brings Fun to the Open Waters With Its Exclusive Fleet of Yachts

For many people, a life of exclusive luxury is all but a dream, something to hope for and imagine. However, the pandemic brought into sharp focus that life needs to be enjoyed and explored. As life slowly returns to the new normal, the Nightfall Group is bringing the luxurious lifestyle to its clientele on a platter with offers of exotic cars, exclusive villas, 5-star hotels and most recently, an all-exclusive yacht rental service in the Marina Del Rey and Newport beach.

The Nightfall Group is an elite concierge enterprise based in Beverly Hills, California. Established by Moroccan entrepreneur, Mokhtar Jabli, the group boasts an abundance of otherworldly luxuries from exotic homes and villas, five-star dishes from Michelin-rated chefs, private beaches, exotic supercars, lavishly-designed private jets, yachts in picturesque locations like Maimi and international destinations like Saint-Tropez, Ibiza, Tuscany, Mykonos, and Dubai. In addition, the company takes pride in letting its high-net-worth clients have a super-easy route to enjoying them. 

With a unique business model that offers the most elite luxuries, the Nightfall Group has rightly earned its spot as the leading tourist and concierge agency in Los Angeles and caters to high elites. Apart from exotic in-land properties and private beaches, The Nightfall Group is now bringing fun to the open waters with its fleet of exotic yachts in Marina Del Rey and Miami for people looking to celebrate on the open water with friends and family or soak up the sun’s warmth on a peaceful cruise. With a capacity for holding a small group of twelve, the boats range in sizes and have fun names like The Destiny, The Sea Senora, The Serenity, The Sunseeker and The Carpe Diem.

With a name that means to literally “seize the day,” The Carpe Diem is the largest boat in The Nightfall Group’s collection, standing at 143 feet. With its beautiful stonework, semi-precious crystal, marble, and granite, The Carpe Diem screams exclusive luxury and elegance. There is a red-carpet service on the boat, and pure indulgence paced strategically throughout the magnificent decks fully equipped with a large sunbathing deck and a jacuzzi prominently located on the bow complemented by a back-lit wood bar and four luxury cabins. 

While smaller than The Carpe Diem, other boats in the collection also offer exclusivity and luxury at their peak. The second-largest boat in the fleet is The Sunseeker standing at 75.5 feet, while The Serenity floats at 60 feet. The Destiny is an older boat model and floats at 58 feet and The Sea Senora at 42 feet. The Destiny and The Sea Senora share similar elite features and exclusivity. 

With the world slowly embracing the new normal and healing from the global pandemic, the Nightfall Group brings the fun back with its top-notch exclusive offers.

To learn more about The Nightfall Group and its exclusive offers on homes, villas, hotels, restaurants, private beaches, and yachts, visit the official website. You also check the group’s Instagram account for updates. 

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