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The Perfect Storm of Advocacy, Commerce, and Cannabis Lifestyle Has an Afro-Latina Leading the Way

We asked JM Balbuena, what it means to Boycott Shitty Weed (BSW). She replied, “It’s a way of life. It’s consuming the plant with clear intention, being mindful of the importance of quality, and acknowledging the advocacy elements that make the cannabis culture what it is today.” Propaganda, BSW’s new creative theme, places a spotlight on the history of prohibition and its effect on our social fabric.

2020 took us all by surprise given the unfortunate and unprecedented circumstances, but for the cannabis industry, it was overall a pretty good year. The industry was deemed an essential business, sales went through the roof during quarantine, cannabis aced the elections, and currently, there’s more bipartisan support than ever before in addressing its federal status; yet there are still people incarcerated for cannabis. That’s what this new movement the BSW nation team has set forth is all about. BSW’s Propaganda brings the cannabis community together and creatively shares information about the origins of the criminalization of cannabis. The Boycott Shitty Weed team recognized that we need to verse ourselves on how we got here, so we don’t make the same historical mistakes that radically disenfranchise people (i.e., the war on drugs) moving forward. 

For so long, the cannabis industry has suffered from the effects of misinformation about the misunderstood herb, a plant that has been present on this planet for thousands of years. If there’s any plant that has been misjudged for no legitimate reason at a global scale is cannabis. ‘Boycott Shitty Weed’ in collaboration with Proud Mary Network, Sickass Industries, Tovar In Color, Amaya Images, Seedless Clothing, and Cannabis Synergy all came together to bring awareness to deep-rooted racist issues set forth by criminalizing cannabis, other modalities with healing benefits, and even drug use overall. “We also came together because it’s fun to use art as self-expression. What better combination than art, fashion, cannabis, and a great cause to pursue,” says Balbuena.

Social media has removed many societal boundaries. Science-based information is more accessible to people, making individuals more accepting of the plant. In fact, the last decade has been remarkable as the tides in many civil rights initiatives have achieved major strides with movements like the LGBTQIA+, Black Lives Matter and many more of which brought people together all over the world to demand change. This might be the reason why shoppers are more mindful of where they spend their dollars and the impact each transaction has on the world. The new generation of customers is all about creating a ripple effect for good, and are cautious about who they support and are more mindful of the effects of their decision-making beyond the purchase. ‘Boycott Shitty Weed’ takes creating a ripple effect and giving purpose to the consumption of Cannabis to the next level by creating Propaganda for those who want to see through the smoke and mirrors of Cannabis prohibition, learn the truth behind the so-called ‘war on drugs and its all-round ramifications.

The platform will be used to shine the spotlight on foundational issues in the cannabis industry, issues that have adversely affected the image of the plant. This will be done in a fun way by portraying pioneers in the cannabis world as heroes, including advocates like Denis Peron, the Godfather of medical cannabis, Mary Jane Rathbun, also known as Brownie Mary, an activist, and creator of the noteworthy cannabis-infused brownie and the Hemperor Jack Herer among many others. Conversely, the platform will also shine the spotlight on leaders who fell on the wrong side of cannabis history, the ‘evil’ masterminds behind the preconceived notions America has about cannabis today, leaders who criminalized drug use to push their racist agendas, and vilified cannabis and hemp without legitimate reasons. Leaders like Richard Nixon, Harry Anslinger, and Ronald Reagan and others.

US Navy veteran, Amazon bestselling author, a beneficiary of the healing power of cannabis, and Chief Creator at ‘Boycott Shitty Weed’, JM Balbuena joins forces with her formidable diverse team to drive change and create a ripple effect in the cannabis world by taking a stand for the cannabis plant within the fashion, health, wellness, culture, and lifestyle realms.

In declaration of purpose and what they’re doing to affect the world around them, the BSW team plans to donate a percentage of the monthly proceeds generated by this campaign to ‘Veterans Walk and Talk’, an organization that advocates for the safe access of cannabis and other natural medicines for military veterans. Talk about a brand with a mission. Check out their newly launched website for more information.

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