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The Story Behind Elongate: Trying to Ignite, Build and Empower

Cryptocurrency is a way for people to put their money to work. Cryptocurrencies can be the instrument through which people build their personal wealth. Despite being an extremely volatile asset, cryptocurrency enables investors to build their wealth, especially when they invest in digital coins for a long period of time. 

Elongate started on the 25th of March, 2021, as a cryptocurrency and a social impact movement. The company works towards a liquidity generation token and a frictionless yield, where a 10% transaction fee is divided between charity organizations and rewards holders. The company is in control of a leadership board comprising the Chief Brand Officer Alexander Gambon and Hasan Aziz, the Chief Operations Officer. Gambon’s professional skills include leading brand strategies of universities and nonprofits and creative direction. In contrast, Aziz’s professional skills comprise leading automation, quality assurance, and testing in the UK banking industry. Both Gambon and Aziz have been scholars and enthusiasts of cryptocurrency since 2012.

The charity cryptocurrency token aims to support blockchain technologies and community action to develop a global movement that withstands the status quo and makes profitability inherently linked to positive social impact. The company also aims to ignite the passion for contributing to humanity by bringing about a social transformation. It aims to build by creating transparent pathways for earning and giving capital and empowering people to create a sustainable world. 

Coined by a meme, Elongate came into being as a viral tweet from the billionaire named Elon Musk, someone who has been known to be rooted in the worlds of charity and cryptocurrency. Years ago, the conversation that took place in the crypto community was one characterized with a hope for a more equitable and brighter future and a picture of idealism. Back in the day, artisans of third-world countries would be paid for the worth of their work. Families would store their wealth in systems free from the consequence of Wall Street cronyism. Similarly, programmers would create a revolutionary dApp on the blockchain. However, crypto culture has now gained great hype, with predatory behavior and high-risk schemes. The remaining few digital wild west, such as the altcoin space, are buoyed by excitement, speculative assets, and humor. 

Not only does Elongate bring crypto back to its altruistic core, but it also makes use of the emotion and enthusiasm of the crypto space. The thing that is important to note about Elongate is that it combines the charitable act and the personal incentive. Doing this not only upgrades the crypto community but also makes humanitarian and philanthropy perspectives a part of the crypto narrative. Elongate aims to relieve the suffering of millions of people by embracing its roots in internet culture. The company does this by taking part in fruitful discussions with charitable organizations, teaching them about cryptocurrency, and embracing the blockchain by opening the way for charitable endeavors. What Elongate does is that it exhibits crypto individuals to the goodness of the world and charitable causes to a world of immense capital. Elongate ignites, builds, and empowers people in doing all these things. 

Everything about Elongate is peculiar. It started as a joke, but its crypto has been able to shoot up more than 1000% in value in only the first three days of its existence. It is no wonder that anyone using this new altcoin was thrilled to see its results. The instant increase in value has made each elongate coin worth $0.00000004045 USD. 

The most interesting and unique thing about Elongate crypto is that it focuses on philanthropy. The company donated to the Big Green Corporation, the United Nations World Food Programme, and Action Against Hunger. Additionally, it is connected to the NFT marketplace, where around 80% of its income goes to charity. The amusing thing about Elongate, a coin that has been born from a mere joke, is that the company has big plans. In the future, it even plans on establishing an NFT launch pad. 

Cryptocurrency has gained great importance in the modern world. In the year 2017, it became an important player in the international economy, impacting all aspects of the financial world, even e-commerce businesses. The thing worth noting about cryptocurrency is that it is a safe alternative to people’s physical currency. Crypto business accounts are secure units of exchange for finishing online transactions in the e-commerce business. The rise in the importance of cryptocurrency has led to the rise in the importance of Elongate. 

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