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The Supreme Court’s Friday Overturn Brings Companies Together to Support Employees

Meta joins other companies to support their employees' rights to get an abortion

On Friday, the Supreme Court decided to reverse decades worth of legislation that protected pregnant women’s choice for an abortion when they overturned the Roe V. Wade decision. The court’s decision was met with divided opinions as many pro-life supporters celebrated while others worldwide expressed their anger and disappointment in this recent turn of events.

The decision to roll back the landmark ruling instated nearly five decades ago is expected to change the reproductive health landscape in America, giving individual states the power to decide on abortion policies and paving the way for them to pass new abortion restrictions.

The Supreme Court’s decision may soon require people seeking an abortion to travel across state lines, adding to the headache of the expensive healthcare service. As a result, many corporations headquartered in Republican-controlled states promise financial support to employees seeking abortions in the affected states.

Below are some major companies offering assistance to their staff.


Apple has a great benefits package that allows employees to travel out of state for medical care if it’s prohibited in their home state, according to an Apple spokesperson.


On Friday, the dating app company announced its support for employees’ access to the healthcare services they need, including abortion. A spokesperson said Bumble would be donating to the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.


Disney employees will have access to medical care with affordable coverage in other locations if abortion is banned in their home state. The company’s benefit package also covers family planning and pregnancy-related decisions.


Meta, one of the biggest social media entities today, offers travel expense reimbursement for employees seeking out-of-state health care and reproductive services.

“We are in the process of assessing how best to do so given the legal complexities involved,” a Meta spokesperson said in a statement.


When the draft for reversing Roe v. Wade was leaked, Microsoft extended its financial support of critical healthcare to include travel expenses related with having an abortion or gender-affirming care.


Netflix provides a lifetime allowance of $10,000 for its employees and their dependents. The streaming company also offers travel reimbursement to cover the cost if they need it to travel across the state for abortions and gender-affirming care.


The company has made it a point to release statements regarding their commitment and support for employees seeking medical care. The most recent statement reads:

“No matter where our teammates are on their family planning journey – from contraception and abortion to coverage, to pregnancy and family-building support through fertility, surrogacy, and adoption benefits – we are here to support their decisions.”

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