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The Try Guys’ Journey to Independence, Shares Upcoming Plans for 2nd Try LLC

Source: The Try Guys

In 2018, The Try Guys, composed of content creators Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang, announced that they would officially break free from Buzzfeed and create an independent production company. The group realized that they had enough fanbase to buy the rights of their brand and start from scratch. Hence, 2nd Try LLC was born. 

Three years later, the company has provided career opportunities to nearly two dozen people, launched numerous products, and maintained the momentum of a YouTube channel with over 7.5 million subscribers today.

Besides taking control of their YouTube platform, The Try Guys’ move also paves the way for 2nd Try LLC to gain the rights over the brand’s social media accounts. The deal also created a strategic partnership with Buzzfeed, wherein it will serve as the advertising and branded content sales representative for the group.

Fans across the globe were captivated by The Try Guys’ quirky personalities and authenticity in their videos. In the fourth and final episode of the Digiday’s Podcast, hosted by Ned, Keith, and Zach, they discussed the value of having the passion for organically growing an online community. Keith said on the podcast: “I think what’s very cool about making content on the internet is that we are unlike traditional celebrities, like actors, in that we are mostly just being us all the time. As a viewer, it’s more of a friendship than it is just a fandom. The lines between them bleed.”

The Try Guys’ primary aim was to create an avenue wherein they could connect with people around the world. In a sense, their YouTube channel is a platform for open conversation. Since the group’s fruition in 2014, they have become one of the most-watched creators under Buzzfeed, with over 1.5 billion accumulated views. But with 2nd Try LLC, the comedic quartet aims to achieve more by creating shows, live tours, feature films, launch merchandise, and even tap into television.

“We did not set out to become YouTubers; we set out to make great stuff and happened to find a home on YouTube,” shared Zach. “Part of our future is realizing the tremendous opportunity we have on that platform, but also continuing to strive to try and push that platform to a new place and find opportunities outside it and beyond it because frankly, I still really yearn to make things in a more traditional sense,” he added.

Today, The Try Guys remain as one of the most well-loved channels on YouTube. The group has also launched several product lines from clothing, hot sauces, teas to a cookbook under 2nd Try LLC. The quartet also revealed that they have an upcoming movie coming along and a special on the Food Network. 

On Digiday’s Podcast, Ned shared that the group was a little hesitant to pivot into television after being on YouTube for many years. Their show on the Food Network mimics the plot of their famous segment called Without A Recipe, where they try to make different dishes without a reference. The storyline remains the same, but the television version is more upscale in the sense that it is set in a restaurant location.

To learn more about The Try Guys and 2nd Try LLC, visit their website.


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