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The Whale Maker Charges Up the NFT Market as It Prepares to Drop This January 2022

Over the years, digital art has become a billion-dollar business venture thanks to the thriving digital market of NFTs and Web3. Now that both have established their own rights in the metaverse, people and businesses have been clamoring to be a part of this digital revolution that’s continuously shaking up both the real and the virtual worlds. Suffice to say, not everyone has found success in the matter, but then some are turning heads and getting digital consumers excited beyond anything else.

The Whale Maker, dropping in January 2022, will finally give the ever-so-excitable NFT community what they need: a commendable piece of unique NFT in the market. Since its earliest announcements, The Whale Maker has become one of the most anticipated companies to hit the digital market because of its extensive background and renowned founders. It is a collaboration between top NFTs and Web3 thought leaders looking for the best projects to invest in. The collection was created by booknerd.eth, a leading investor in the blockchain and NFT Space, as well as his partner, Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from the hit show Shark Tank.

At the moment, The Whale Maker is set to release 1,000 unique Whale Shark NFTs upon their drop. Despite stating that the artwork is not the only factor that gives their NFT value, the team still hired talented digital artists to design each of their Whale Shark NFTs to give them that distinctness that would reflect their personalities. The Whale Sharks share a total of 81 traits and can come in various rarities, including ten rare Whale Sharks and one Banker Whale, the latter giving its holder a founder’s role inside the project and shared opportunities. In addition, there will also be the presence of a White Whale who gets to be whitelisted for all future projects and collaborations. There are also other kinds like the Ape Whale, 8-bit Whale, Killer Whale, Golden Whale, and Skeleton Whale, to name a few. Nevertheless, each Whale Shark should be distinct, and no Whale Shark NFT is ever the same.

The Whale Maker aspires to broaden its impact on the digital market by targeting more experienced investors to help them with their goals. The Whale Makers founders have a combined net worth of over $500 million and are considered seasoned investors themselves.

Furthermore, the team has managed to integrate a DAO or a decentralized autonomous organization in their project which they refer to as The PodDAO. This DAO system will allow the project to invest in early-stage projects across the NFT, P2E, and metaverse space. The team was also able to create an economic model inside their DAO that would reward stakers based on the increase in value of DAO holdings which include tokens, NFTs, and land across different types of metaverses.

The Whale Maker is not just a place to purchase unique Whale Shark NFTs; it is a community-driven space that allows NFT holders to have a voice of their own and have the chance to attend events, alpha chats, and more. In addition, the founders have made it possible for these holders to access certain areas, including the Whale Pad, where they will be joining Kevin Harrington in finding, incubating, and dropping the next big project, as well as giving them admission to the Whale Guild, a play-to-earn business run inside the POD DAO complete with assets and revenue from players who have the same access.

The mint price for each Whale Shark will cost 0.5 ETH plus 0.1 ETH if one wants to get an alpha pass, which opens up the chance to stake. 

Learn more by visiting the project’s :  Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram 

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