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TheraV Connects Patients and Therapists Online for a Complete Interactive Experience

Being a mom to little ones with speech needs and a friend and family member to others needing different forms of therapy, Mckell Smith witnessed firsthand how difficult it is to find the right therapist for individuals and families. For many, the therapy experience is often incomplete and ineffective, mostly due to the lack of a deeper connection and understanding between the professional and the patient, among other issues. With this in mind, Mckell made it her mission to create an avenue that will fix the glaring gap in the therapy industry. This led to the birth of the fast-rising platform today, TheraV.

TheraV is an online platform designed to create a better connection between therapists and clients. It connects individuals and families to a wide selection of professional therapists ranging from speech, occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), applied behavior analysis (ABA), counseling, and more. At present, it is the only platform that carefully screens therapists to find out their strengths, specialties, and cost. The screening aims to make it easier for families to find therapists available who best fit the prospective patients’ needs and preferences. Overall, the therapist marketplace seeks to provide clients with a complete interactive therapy experience. 

The founder of TheraV is Mckell Smith, a certified speech-language pathologist with almost ten years of experience in the field and over seven years of experience in telepractice. She is a proud mother of kids with speech needs as well. Seeing an urgent need for a better platform for individuals, parents, and family members looking for the best therapists available for them or their loved ones, she took the initiative to launch an online platform that made it possible for therapy services to be conducted virtually. For Mckell and the platform, the ultimate goal is to assist both therapists and clients in “feeling empowered and confident in their therapy experience.”

The online platform provides the necessary tools for engaging in efficient and effective online therapy sessions. Security and data privacy are also prioritized to protect both clients and therapists. Through the power of telepractice, TheraV makes sure that clients find their perfect match in the pool of professionals available in the network. “We want families to feel connected with their therapist, be able to easily build rapport, and in turn, see great progress. On the other hand, we want therapists to feel confident and comfortable in treating the difficulties they feel comfortable treating,” explains Mckell.

Currently, TheraV has quickly gained popularity in the digital world, with many users raving about it online. In the future, Mckell hopes to take the platform to greater heights and connect individuals across the globe, helping them achieve better outcomes for their overall health conditions. As telepractice becomes more prevalent and the restrictions in treating across state lines become lower, therapists will be able to expand their horizons and use their knowledge, expertise, and specializations to touch a million more lives worldwide.

To know more about TheraV and its services, please visit its official website.

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