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Tom Hanks Crashes Yet Another Wedding

Tom Hanks Crashes Yet Another Wedding

Photo: Rachel Rowland

While filming A Man Called Otto in Pittsburgh, Tom Hanks joined Grace Gwaltney’s wedding and surprised everyone.

This follows a few months after Hanks also crashed a Santa Monica wedding.

“Hey! My name is Tom Hanks,” the actor said as he approached Gwaltney. “Can I take a photo with the bride?”

“I immediately froze and was just looking around,” Gwaltney told local news station KCRA. “I didn’t know what to do.” While Hanks talked to her, Gwaltney said she was “thinking of Toy Story.”

“We all lost it,” wedding photographer Rachel Rowland added. “The bridesmaids shuffled out of the limo, and he posed with photos and congratulated everyone, and then as fast as he popped in, he was gone. It was just so sweet and fun!”

The special day turned even more special with Hanks in the audience. 

Hanks’ love of weddings is well-documented, especially when he shows up to them uninvited.

In 2008, while filming Angels and Demons, he escorted a bride to her church wedding in Italy. In 2016, he surprised a couple in Central Park while he was out for a jog and even asked if he could officiate the ceremony. Then, in 2018, he was invited to an Alabama couple’s wedding but was unable to attend.

There is no way to plan a Hanks matrimonial meet-cute—it just happens.

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