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10 Most Commended Brands in 2021

Trust is an essential requirement in any market, like human relationships; no individual wants to make a judgment call based on what a brand says about itself. Likewise, no human is judged based on what they say about themselves instead of what others say about them.

We understand how difficult it is for first-time buyers and customers to settle on a brand to trust and patronize; therefore, we have come up with a top 10 list of the most recommended brands in 2021, relying on data and information provided primarily by everyday consumers who patronize and interact with these brands.

  1. Mural

People can achieve more by working together. While countless organizations take pride in individual work, MURAL believes in the power of collaboration. MURAL is a platform that serves as a visual tool where teams can imagine and work together, unlock new ideas, solve complex problems, and innovate faster. Strategically intertwining technology with the power of teamwork, this enterprise is setting the bar high for many digital platforms across the online arena.

MURAL’s imaginative canvas takes collaboration to another level by transforming the old with the new. Collaborators can become more creative in their work, from adding dimensions to video calls to making virtual meetings and workshops more engaging and productive. More impressively, MURAL allows everyone to participate.


  1. GeoMike122

GeoMike122 releases his new single, “Hey Human.” The song is an indie-dance anthem celebrating the diversity, love, and joy of the human spirit. The music video was filmed in New York City in April and June of 2021 when the clubs and city were starting to ease COVID restrictions and opening social establishments.

“In these hard times what helped me is focusing on the strengths and resiliency of the human spirit. Meeting new people and celebrating the beauty of the human spirit is one reason I decided to make music,” said the artist. 

Instagram: @geomike122

YouTube: GeoMike122

  1. Dr. Ashley Little

Dr. Ashley Little is The CEO/Founder of Ashley Little Enterprises, LLC which encompasses her Media, Consulting Work, Writing, Ghost Writing, Book Publishing, Book Coaching, Project Management, Magazine, Public Relations & Marketing, and Empowerment Speaking. In addition, she is an Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur, TV/Radio Host, TEDx Speaker, International Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Media Maven, Journalist, Writer, Host, Philanthropist, Business Coach, Investor, Advisor for She Wins Society and 13X Award-Winning Best Selling Author. 

As seen on Black Enterprise(2X), Sheen Magazine (Print and Online), Sheen Talk, Voyage ATL, Fox Soul TV, NBC, Fox, CBS, BlackNews.Com, Shoutout Miami, Shoutout Atlanta, TEDx Speaker, Morning Star, Yahoo Finance, Heart and Soul, The Book of Sean, HBCU Times, VIP Global Magazine, The Black Report, Vocal, Medium, Soul Wealth, Hustle and Soul,, New York WeeklyTop 10 Hardest Working CEOs alongside Billionaire Mark Cuban, US Insiders Top 10 Women Women Entrepreneurs alongside Billionaire and Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey and many more.

Instagram: @_ashleyalittle

Facebook: Dr. Ashley Little


  1. Divij Vaswani

Division Media CEO and founder Divij Vaswani is undeniably an authority when it comes to influencer marketing as his company leads the industry steadily by closing phenomenal deals for popular influencers Jake and Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and Adin Ross.

Successfully facilitating the deals and closing brand partnerships for several well-loved online influencers has made him the go-to person for effective collaborations, servicing big brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Gymshark, Bluechew, and MyBookie, among others. 

Divij developed his influencer marketing agency after graduating from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. He designed the agency to be an industry leader when it comes to creating entertaining and highly converting content.

As CEO of Division Media, he has grown it consistently and now has more than fifteen employees in its Los Angeles headquarters.


5. Sunil Tolani

Sunil A. Tolani, born in Mumbai, India, is a highly-respected and a well-known Indian-American Social entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Humanitarian. Sunil is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Prince Organization, a Los Angeles based luxury hospitality, real estate development company.

Prince Organization includes hotels and real estate divisions bringing intellect, talent, credibility, energy, financial success, and dream vision. The Prince brand is working tirelessly everyday to represent the Royal Hospitality standard around the Americas. Their business acumen is unrivaled, and the diversity of interests has set a new paradigm in the world of business.

Prince Organization’s commitment to excellence is legendary and is known to maintain the highest ethical and social standards where associates are part of a team to create lasting change feeling valued and empowered. Sunil working as a philanthropist is an integral part of the company’s ethos. Truly, as an owner and operator of the World’s Largest Hotel Brands, he is a true icon of Orange county, Southern CA.

Facebook: Sunil Tolani; Prince Organization

  1. Sahil Sachdeva

Founder & CEO of Level Up Holdings, Sahil Sachdeva is a young and charismatic intellect who has done inspiring work in the marketing industry. With over 500+ clients from over 25 countries, Sahil has built an empire with efficient networking and client satisfaction. Being honoured with multiple international awards, he attributes his success to the immense passion and spiritualism embedded in him to serve his role in the society.

Instagram: @thesahilsachdeva


  1. Endy Zhou, Solar101

Solar101 is a premium customized one-stop shop for clean energy solutions. The company is owned and operated by Endymion Consulting, an established North American marketing consulting firm owned by entrepreneur Endy Zhou, seeking to build a better world through renewable solutions. 

As an industry leading company, Solar101 takes a consultative approach with the customers instead of the usual sales approach, and provides industry leading production guarantee and warranty. Endy Zhou, Solar101’s founder, wants to not only build a platform for people looking for clean energy, but ultimately an authentic place for new entrepreneurs to learn and grow with a company.


  1. Christian Fleming, Christian Fleming Design

Christian Fleming Design is a full-service design and creative direction firm based in Manhattan. Our work in innovative live entertainment design and coordination spans theater, opera, dance, and events. As this year’s 2021 USITT Scene Design Award winner, our founder and creative director Christian Fleming spearheads the creation of sets and costumes that activate the audience’s imagination through the power of visual storytelling. 

With each design and production we develop, Christian Fleming Design strives to illuminate new perspectives on iconic pieces and create adventurous new work that reveals more about our world and the human condition. Reach out today to start the collaboration on your next project. We look forward to learning more about how we can ensure your next project is a success.

Instagram: @christianflemingdesign


  1. Vera Worthy

It is not often you meet a woman like Vera Worthy, a businesswoman, third-time published author and motivational speaker. A multifaceted individual, Vera is robust, independent, and always sincere. She has the heart of an angel, willing to offer a helping hand and advice to anyone who needs it, yet she wears her past hardships like armor, building a formidable wall around herself for good reasons. 

One of her most unique attributes is her uncanny ability to interact with everyone on different levels, sharing a version of herself with everyone that interacts with her. For example, one person might tell you she has a beautiful soul; another might tell you she is cold-hearted. Both assessments of her character are accurate as she acts accordingly, and anyone loved by her is considered truly lucky. However, care must be taken to reciprocate the love she gives, as she is a free bird, beautiful to watch but impossible to catch. 

“Being successful does not mean how much money you have or how big your home is, or even the model of the car you drive. To me, life is beautiful in every way,” she shares. You can reach out to Vera via email

Instagram: @veraworthy3


  1. Jay Honest

From a young age, Jay Honest’s experience in life was extremely traumatic, from growing up in a broken home, At times with no water, with an abusive alcoholic father & step father. He lost his first friend at just 12 years old, his best friend Valerie at 16, and his brother Matthias at 23, all while fighting homelessness and addictions between the ages of 15-19. 

Jay finished high school and proceeded to college, despite the doubts from his peers and teachers, the trauma and countless problems, he persevered and gradually achieved his goals within the music industry. He had his first child, Jayden, at 19 and is now 27 with a total of 3 kids, intending to be a good role model for his children & an inspiration to young adults across the globe.

As an artist, Jay grew up listening to the sounds of 2PAC, Eminem, and Biggie, memorizing the lyrics at the young age of 6. Apart from this, he got an alternative rock and country music influence from his brother and mother. This makes Jay cut out from the rest, showing us his versatility is non comparable.

The music industry is yet to hear the best from Jay Honest. Coming soon on his debut album Let’s Be Honest where Jay will speak on these traumas for the first time! Instagram: @iamjayhonest; @capitalheatcanada; @honestgang

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