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Top 20 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

Over the years, social media platforms have become more powerful. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, are used to boost the presence of businesses and individuals. The global reach of these platforms give expansive mileage for those who want their services, name, or brand to be known to many. Instagram, for one, is the perfect medium to post photos and short clips for advertising products or raising awareness about issues. More than that, photos on Instagram sell healthy lifestyles and innovative ideas. That is why many individuals take to Instagram and increase their influence. Here are the top 20 people we should be following on Instagram this year: 

  1. Alex Morgan

Photo: Getty Images

With over 9.1 million followers on Instagram, female soccer icon Alex Morgan is one to follow this year. Born Alexandra Patricia Morgan, the 31-year-old forward is one of the most recognizable names in the US Soccer scene. Morgan has helped the US National Team secure two consecutive FIFA World Cups, one in 2015 and the other in 2019. Morgan joined the US National Team back in 2012 where she also earned her first Olympic gold medal. As Time Magazine’s top-paid women soccer players in the US, Morgan is a popular figure in and out of the field. Currently, Morgan plays for the Tottenham Hotspur where she’s co-captain. 

Instagram: @alexmorgan13


  1. Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck, or Gary Vee, is a business mogul, highly sought-after public speaker and five-time New York bestselling author. Vaynerchuck founded and runs several successful companies like VaynerX, VaynerMedia, and VaynerSports. His advertising company, VaynerMedia, is notorious for its 360-degree services and works with some of the most well-known brands like the Fortune 100 companies. VaynerMedia currently has four locations in the US. 

Vaynerchuck also hosts The Gary Vee Experience, a podcast that became part of the Top 100 Global Podcast. In the podcast, Vaynerchuck shares his secrets and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. He has over 8.5 million followers on Instagram. 

Instagram: @garyvee


  1. Steven Ridzyowski

Steven Ridzyowski has been a leader in the e-commerce/digital media buying space for over ten years. He is currently the founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, and his business specializes in Shopify store creations and marketing via multiple advertising platforms and does not just rely on typical social media marketing campaigns like most agencies do. He and his team have created a true turnkey experience to start your brand and business online. Steven is a top entrepreneur who can help businesses make that transition to online retail what better time than now!

Instagram: @stevenridzyowski

  1. Sorry It’s Over Band

Inside a garage in Encinitas, CA, lies a twelve by twelve square foot box that contains an array of impressive music equipment and an efficient DIY studio. This place also holds the roots of Sorry It’s Over, a pop/alt rock band that came to fruition by Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella. Original bandmates in high school, they moved to Santa Barbara and were part of a “very professional” business consisting of event production called We Jungle.

Through some trial and error, Sam and Louis ended up back in Encinitas. Since April of 2019, they have met up almost every day to work on their projects and have  created a sound that incorporates classic rock n roll with a new age twist. 

With their debut album on the horizon, people will soon see more of Sorry It’s Over and their new single ” Am I Better ” which was released last Oct 9. 

Instagram: @sorryitsoverband

  1. Cedric Hill

Cedric Hill is a native of Texas who is fighting against principalities and corruption of people in high places. He’s worked in the modeling, boxing, private security, and oilfield industries. Cedric also had the opportunity to work for Floyd Mayweather and the Mayweather family when he resided in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a survivor of coma and traumatic closed head injury, Cedric lives his life with a mission to combat racial discrimination and corruption. 

Cedric spreads awareness about the various injustices that he faces in his daily life through his YouTube channel. As a victim of injustice himself, he exposes the system that is perpetuated by those in power and continues to abuse those who are powerless – a system that has to change immediately. The fight is far from over, but people like Cedric Hill, who are bravely fighting against these injustices make this fight worthwhile. 

Instagram: @ceddtmtmack

YouTube: Cedd Mack 

  1. GuardeX

GuardeX’s mission is to give people the optimism, energy, and protection needed to resume their daily lives, in a worry-free manner. In a time when staying home is the safest and sometimes, the only choice, they look to expand their choices with guaranteed protection. GuardeX wants its clients to step beyond staying home and start taking an active role of staying ahead, by gearing up to living safer rather than staying safe. 

The company started as an innovative defense against a new threat but thought forward to a more empowering and dynamic future that promotes resuming normal life despite emerging circumstances. Their mission: liberate people from worry in public, proactively.



  1. Kristian Duncan

Kristian Duncan is an R&B vocalist who looks to inspire his listeners through troubling times. He recently released his new single, “Success.” The video for the track takes on the present social issues causing problems for today’s public. As one who has experienced life’s worst to one who now enjoys a revived sense of living and loving, Kristian looks to be an advocate of peace and understanding, as well as a voice for those that suffer through depression. The up and coming artist is in the studio working on his upcoming EP presently planned for release an EP in later 2021.

Instagram: @kristian_1978

Spotify: Kristian

Apple Music: Kristian

  1. Letizia Silvestri

Fast cars, beautiful people, and even more breathtaking backdrops. It sounds like a fabulous alternate reality, but it’s just the @LSXLLC Instagram page. An LA-based experiential agency, LSX specializes in immersive and sometimes days-long events that photograph like a ‘grammable paradise. Think sporty vintage cars speeding through picturesque Palm Springs and secret car launches so golden and gilded that even Jay Gatsby would be speechless—topped off with the prettiest dessert spreads of perfect macarons and custom confections. It’s all the brainchild of Letizia Silvestri, an Angeleno by way of Italy. Perhaps it’s her global perspective that makes the @LSXLLC account so jet-set yet LA cool.

Instagram: @lsxllc


  1. Dylan Maxwell Blau

Dylan Blau is a professional dog trainer and behaviorist who is also the marketing genius that founded The Blau Agency, an all-inclusive talent management and social media branding company. Dylan Maxwell Blau is taking up and coming entrepreneurs from A to Z using his strategies for growth and long-term success. He helps his clients with branding, marketing, lead generation, sales, networking, collaborations, websites, content creation, and personal management. Dylan prides himself on learning from his experiences, gaining knowledge based on his proven track record of success and experimentation and sharing that information with the people who need it the most! 

Dylan helps TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Influencers turn their brand into a business and on the flip side, he turns businesses into brands using social media. Dylan has released two books of his insight and expertise to help others learn from his experiences. One book is called Social Media Secrets, where he discusses game-changing strategies for dominating online platforms. The other book is entitled We Are Dog Training, tackling dog training secrets and spreading the message that everyone is capable of training dogs or themselves. While there are many social media agencies out there, Dylan sets himself apart with his innovative, out-of-the-box strategies personalized for each business or brand he works with. 

Instagram: @wearedogtraining


  1. Keisha Gibson

Kick Weight With Keisha was created based on Keisha Gibson’s own weight loss journey. Losing weight can be a huge challenge for a lot of people. What makes it even worse is that many have tried different routines and methods to lose weight while remaining healthy. Keisha Gibson has demystified and totally simplified a healthy path to weight loss. Being introduced to the Ketogenic and intermittent fasting lifestyle has made a world of a difference. At that point, Keisha started to realize that losing weight was not as hard as it appeared to be. Ketogenic had it to where she was no longer left hungry. It allowed her to gain more control over her body. 

After losing 70 lbs in 12 weeks she then wanted to extend a hand to start helping others to reach their goals as well. With Kick Weight With Keisha, Keisha has become an accountability coach to where she helps people take on the Ketogenic and intermittent fasting lifestyle to help them to reach their goals. As of today, Keisha has helped over 100 people with each losing an average of 15 lbs or more in 30 days. She has also incorporated waist trainers and other work out gear that can be found on her website.

Instagram: @kickweightwithkeisha


  1. Christine Heath

Christine Heath is a Christian author by Christian Faith Publishing, whose passion dates back to age 16. She discovered she is a brilliant writer when she experiences a heavy flow of emotions or when an emotional crisis occurs. She recently released Journey of Seasons, a new book designed to spark healing and hope. Whether leaning on God in tough times or dealing with life-threatening illnesses, Christine’s book will take you on a journey that will shine a light at the end of your dark tunnel. Christine Heath shows readers there is hope, a way to survive, and heal by trusting God.

Instagram: @christineheath2018

Book: Journey of Seasons


  1. Austin Shclueter

Austin Schlueter is a person who believes in creating ripples of change for positive growth of the individual. He has always tried to push the bar on what’s possible and take great joy in uplifting others. Currently, he has created a system that pushes the knowledge and boundaries of the human body’s movement.

Instagram: @musclemasher


  1. Samuel Smith

Born in Miami, Samuel Smith did his undergraduate studies at Alabama State University under the direction of Dr. Tommie Stewart. After graduating at Brandeis University with an M.F.A in Theatre Arts, Samuel moved to NYC to start his acting career. 

While having success in acting he also started teaching acting and mindfulness to Brooklyn scholars with an underlying thought of helping to build students’ confidence and communication. 

As an actor, Samuel can be seen in his recurring guest starring role in Epix’s Godfather of Harlem, recurring GS role on NBC’s Shades of Blue, in the movie Safety (2020) and the movie See You Yesterday. As a writer, Samuel and his writing partner De’Marcus Minor are in talks with a few notable production companies about their new horror-thriller movie franchise, The Shade, and their family fun film, Matter of Time. Samuel also currently runs his own line of sports clothing, Better Than Perfect.

Instagram: @actorsamsmith


  1. Nicole Fisher

Need help with your credit? Nicole Fisher can help you establish, fix, and build personal and business credit. She’s been featured on so many popular articles and newspapers such as NY Weekly, LA Wire, Chicago Journal, and Marquis Who’s Who Publications Board. CEO of Work Out My Credit Solutions LLC, Nicole offers affordable services and has a 5-star review on Google. Check them out today at or call them at (215)-792-6100. 

Instagram: @workoutmycreditsolutions


  1. Kloth Magazine

Kloth Magazine is a lifestyle brand that promotes high fashion in the street wear culture. The brand admires high quality clothing which is what inspired the name Kloth Magazine.  To them, the word represents a lifestyle of high-end garments and luxury living. Living that sought-out luxurious lifestyle is what they represent and base their content on. At the same time, Kloth Magazine represents the culture in a different way and lives by their motto: “Where culture lives.”

Instagram: @klothmag

  1. Karisma Shackelford

Named a “change maker” by Business Insider Magazine, Karisma Shackelford is an African-American woman known for her role as a pioneer in fostering anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion in the travel industry, while at the same time elevating and empowering humanity. Currently, she is the founder of Color Me World, a global travel, lifestyle, and empowerment community.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Karisma has been to over 30 countries, while world-schooling her son. With a vision almost as grand as the world we live in, Karisma is committed to inspiring today’s generation to cultivate a life of true freedom, purpose, and fun. 

Instagram: @gottahavekarisma


  1. Robert Daspit

Robert Daspit, known as the “billionaire chauffeur,” and owner of Lagniappe Chauffeured, has been offering the most exclusive and elite transportation companies Louisiana has offered for over 10 years. This Louisiana native isn’t one to boast about what he does, instead, he takes pride in his work and his company, stating that “It’s not just about where you are going but it’s how you arrive.” It’s a motto that has earned him respect from local business owners to the Hollywood elite.

Instagram: @bookwithrob


  1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Photo by: Dwayne Johnson | Instagram

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is most known for his career as an actor and professional WWE wrestler. He’s won several wrestling fights in the past before making his way to the big screen. As an actor, he’s starred in many popular and award-winning movies like Scorpion King, Hercules, and The Fast and The Furious franchise. “The Rock” is also behind the voice of Disney’s animated film, Moana. Time Magazine named Dwayne as this year’s highest paid actor after securing lead roles in the upcoming movies, Red Notice and Black Adam. The actor doesn’t also fall short of awards for his acting, gaining recognition and awards from bodies like the Teen Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, NAACP Image Award, and many more. Today, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has over 201 million followers on Instagram.  

Instagram: @therock


  1. Kevin Parada

Kevin Parada (@kevinparadaaa) runs an Instagram account showcasing what time, hard work, and dedication can do for a business. Documenting his journey of growing an auto transport company, Kevin has shown his family auto transport company grow from a single tow truck operation to a fleet of car hauling trailers who service major vehicle manufacturing companies such as Tesla, Ford, and Honda, among others. Over the years, we have seen his company slowly grow into a seven-figure business while being provided with motivation, inspiration, and practical tips to growing a business.

Instagram: @kevinparadaaa


  1. Lexie Peterka

Lexie Peterka, founder of LP Wellness and Aesthetics, is changing the game of Preventative medicine offering a wide range of health plans to encourage immune boosting while the cold season is right around the corner. LP Wellness and Aesthetics works to treat fertility issues and they collaborate with New York Fertility as they are seeing unexplained fertility on the rise. This Wellness practice is catered to a more one on one personal experience. From prevention to fertility, LP Wellness is the one stop business that needs to be looked into.

Instagram: @lpwellnessandaesthetics