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Top Stress Management and Fitness Coach Sarah Alysse Tackles the Three Pillars of a Balanced Life

The three different pillars that hold up a successful work and life balance are stress management, nutrition, and fitness performance. Under her flexible and individually tailored program, ‘Elevate Your Life,’ top health and wellness coach Sarah Alysse helps people lead better lives.

Sarah Alysse’s interest in fitness and nutrition started in college. At the time, she took dance as part of her musical theater studies at Columbia College Chicago. In learning the performance art, however, Sarah found that she was struggling with balance and core stability.

The few pilates sessions she took to improve her situation proved an easy fix. The then musical theater student began to open her eyes to the wonders and potential of fitness and nutrition. 

A short while later, with her freshly printed Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater in one hand and a ticket to Europe in the other, Sarah Alysse was about to embark on a journey that would define her career.

Traveling throughout Europe, Sarah rediscovered her passion for fitness, and immediately upon her return to the United States, she explored that passion by enrolling in STOTT PILATES courses, becoming a certified Pilates trainer, and diving deeper into the mind and body connection.

Following her rediscovered interest and enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition, Sarah was hired to begin a Pilates program at a Fitness Formula Club location in Chicago. Having made her Pilates Program one of the most successful in the company, Sarah was inspired to take steps to start her own business. She created a program of her own called ‘Elevate Your Life,’ which is the product of her unsurpassed skills and expertise in the field.

Sarah Alysse’s passion for stress management coaching was born as a result of the tragic death of her father. When Sarah’s father was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer and shortly thereafter passed away, the loss inspired her to focus on researching stress management. “After he died, I realized my father who was an amazing businessman never took care of his physical health and mental stress. Since then, my mission has been to provide corporate clientele the necessary tools to find balance in career and personal life.”

Over the years, Sarah has taken it upon herself to develop her knowledge and expand her services. This earned her certifications as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, NASM-CPT, Total Barre™, TRX®, ZEN•GA, Kriser’s Cycling Foundations, and a Master Trainer for the Bellicon Move, Bellicon Bounce, and Bellicon Circle. 

“I tackle my client’s problems from the inside out. In individual sessions, we focus on understanding the brain-gut connection, developing mindfulness around our stressors, and enhancing fitness performance with functional movements,” the celebrated stress management coach reveals. 

Keeping stress management, nutrition, and fitness performance in check is the key to a balanced life. Offering a holistic approach which adapts to her clients’ ever-changing needs has made Sarah Alysse one of the top preferred coaches in her area. This countless and overwhelmingly positive response that her service has gotten motivated the coach to become an entrepreneur.

Over the last three years, Sarah has been nurturing and growing her own health and wellness business, which she is now launching online as ‘Live Well Enhance You.’ Her venture’s popularity resulted in a featured segment on ‘Around Town’ during the show WGN Chicago’s morning news. 

For more information on how the fitness coach encourages the perfect balance between work and personal life, check out Sarah Alysse’s Facebook group entitled ‘Live Well Enhance You – Weekly Show “Stress Free SOULutions with Sarah”.

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