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Trey Cornelius Undeterred by Challenges as He Journeys to Stardom

Trey Cornelius realized early enough that his lofty goals and ambitions might take some time to materialize, and that’s why he is going through the process. Perhaps, seeing many of his close friends become successful should have bothered him, but Trey remains unbothered as he believes everyone has their appointed time and moment.

Trey Cornelius is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist with excellent covers of popular songs and his own songs to his credit. His biggest challenge as a musician is getting his music out for people to enjoy. He puts a lot into his craft and dedicates every day to improve his skills. Entertainment is dear to him, and all he wants is to get the chance to entertain people and make them happy with his songs.

His music career started when he was a teenager. He started by performing at school shows, karaoke, and learning how to play the guitar. Learning to play the guitar was not a smooth journey for him. He struggled to get his chord right, but with a sheer determination to succeed, he became proficient, and today, Trey can play his guitar in front of a large audience and keep them entertained.  

Trey Cornelius has always abided by a single phrase all his life; “Make It Happen.” This has always fueled his drive and desire to get things done. He knows that whatever it is that crosses his path, he believes he has to make it happen for himself and his audience. In his words, “If you strive for success, then anything can happen if you let it. Put in the work and make every second count.”

One of his career goals is to play in front of a large crowd in Nashville, TN, and get past the doors that were once shut against him. At the early stages of his career, Trey was not allowed to perform at many events because he was either too young or he was not a member of groups allowed to perform. These frustrated him, but he soon got over them, and he started getting the chance to showcase his talents. “When you are faced with challenges, the best thing to do is face them head-on and take it like a man. Never be one to say never.”

He participated in a competition where he made it to the top 40 contestants. His major gift is his ability to pick up a song just by listening to the song or its chord progression. He has ears for music, and this has reflected in his lyrics and music. His biggest influences in the music industry include Thomas Rhett, LeAnn Rimes, Dolly Parton, and Taylor Swift. These are also the artists he would give anything to work with.

Trey Cornelius is not asking for too much other than a chance to entertain people and be heard. He has come too far to give up, and as the sun continues to rise in the east, Trey is determined to continue taking each day and its challenges in stride.

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