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Ukrainian Youngsters Volunteer to Help War-Stricken Communities

Ukrainian youth group, Repair Together, decide to have fun while helping the country’s inhabitants restore their houses following the war.

Hanna Yurchenko, 66, witnesses the destruction of her home one day. On March 7, the structure got swept by Russian bombers. She cannot resist crying as she goes by the house that was once her humble domicile. Thankfully, the campaign started by her country’s young men and women gave her inspiration.

“I’m retired, and I can’t do this cleanup myself. I’m just so grateful for these kids,” she said as she wiped her tears off her face.

The volunteers range in age from 20 to 30. The “kids” realize the bleak picture of realizing the devastation caused by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on both sides. They do their best, though, to do the task cheerfully. And they do it by dancing and laughing as they work their way through the rubble, accompanied by a Bluetooth speaker.

The Ukrainian sense of community

Repair Together volunteers are young Ukrainians. The group, comprised of young citizens, raise money to support Ukrainian communities. Repair Together disburses the funds they raise to the poor and needy, particularly those who have lost their houses due to the war.

Repair Together, according to the program’s founders, intends to restore the sense of community among Ukrainian youth and, by extension, the entire country. The nation’s population felt anguish and pessimism after seven months of conflict. Repair Together, on the other hand, rekindles hope and a brighter future for the war-torn towns.

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Rebuilding the nation with a smile

The group recently traveled to Kolychivka, near Chernihiv, to lend a hand. Russia previously devastated various sites in the region during the conflict. As a result, Roman Tarasiuk, 27, finds himself on top of a trailer, dancing to the music blasting from their speakers while emptying a bucket full of rubbish to toss. Having lost his work during the war, the Ukrainian opted to join Repair Today.

“Volunteering in Ukraine it’s become a way of our everyday life. We all just want to feel useful,” he said.

Meanwhile, Viktoria Sitovska, 20, cleans the neighboring rubbish with a shovel while dancing to the music. When the war broke out, she returned to Ukraine from Germany. She joined the group today to aid those in need. According to her, the volunteers’ good spirits are essential.

“Right now, we all feel anger and many destructive emotions. Listening to music keeps us balanced, so we can keep working,” the young Ukrainian said.

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Ukrainian friend networks

The war between Russia and Ukraine irreparably damaged many villages. In addition, the devastation displaced many families. Subsequently, young Ukrainians began to volunteer and give back to the community. This was the beginning of Repair Together. However, their number was too little at the time, and too many towns required assistance. Friends then called on other friends, who in turn called on other friends. As a result of the network’s expansion, the Ukrainians established the organization.

“Some people say, come on, you can’t have fun; it’s a war! But I say, we’re doing something good. Why can’t we also have fun?” said Marina Hrebinna, 34, one of the organizers.

“We’re not builders, yeah? We’re just normal people. But we have our bodies, we have our arms, we have our health,” she added.

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