Uno Paper Boi Shares His Resolve to Inspire the Next Generation of Artists Break Away from Poverty

With how unpredictable the winds of life can be, no one can ever know for certain what lies in the future. For Rayvon Cystrunk, he envisioned a life away from poverty. While initially pursuing a career in the extreme sport of skateboarding, a change in the winds brought him to music, where he established himself as one of the hottest prospects, taking the stage name Uno Paper Boi.

Born in Riverside, California, Uno Paper Boi lived in a poor community. The environment painted a depressing portrait, which sparked a desire to build a life free from poverty. Uno found his escape from the bleak reality through skateboarding. “I began skateboarding as a way to keep my mind off all the negativity around,” he explained, “Seeking sponsorship by the age of thirteen.” Before Uno could find a sponsor, the whirlwinds of life took him from California, and he found his new home in Atlanta.

Uno’s life changed drastically when he settled into his new home. His goals shifted from skateboarding to entertainment, pursuing music and acting. Taking the stage name Uno Paper Boi, he started to make a name for himself in Atlanta’s music scene. His acting career put him in the background of many films, mainly playing extras. However, of the two, it was Uno’s music that was gaining traction. Working with rising and established names in the hip-hop community, his passion for music only grew stronger.

Since setting out to build his career, Uno has been busy producing music. He is currently working on an album titled Thinking Bout Money, which is set to be released in the summer. Uno promises his listeners that the tracks will heat the streets and teases surprise features from a couple of other artists. 

While he is on the verge of breaking out on a broader scale, Uno has not allowed himself to become disillusioned with his new life. Other artists show eagerness to grab fame and fortune, but the Atlanta artist strives to project his pain into his works. Owing to his unique background and circumstances, Uno Paper Boi sets himself apart from other artists. Whether he is sharing his story through his music or acting, listeners and viewers get to see, feel, and hear the sincere side of the rising artist, giving them an idea of what he can become. “There will never be another like me again when I’m finished,” he expressed.

Uno Paper Boi cites the success that other artists achieved as his primary motivation. Because of how influential they were, he set out to make an example of himself to the next generation, especially those struggling in poverty.

“The pain of being poor growing up was probably my greatest motivation.” Uno shared and elaborated on his current status by saying, “Trying to make sure I never go back to that place, and that my children would never have to see that if I have children one day.”

The rising artist vows to become the greatest artist to grace the music industry. He foresees massive success not just as an artist but also in entertainment as an actor.

Learn more about Uno Paper Boi by following him on Instagram and Twitter. You can also get the latest updates of his latest tracks by checking out his YouTube channel and Apple Music.13

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