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Unstoppable Entrepreneur—How Dame Nicola Smith Jackson Became an Influential, Powerful, Happy Woman and Teaches Others How They Can Too

Despite the massive awareness being spread across multiple platforms on the importance of women’s empowerment today, it is a known fact that women continue to struggle with getting paid less than their fair share concerning their careers. Some ambitious women fear building big businesses or making a lot of money at the sacrifice of a love life or time with family. Throughout history, women have been burdened with so many responsibilities without direction or support on how to balance it all. This can discourage one from pursuing their dreams. But as times have changed, women are becoming more determined to overcome their biggest struggles and take control of their destiny. Entrepreneur and certified wealth coach, Dame Nicola Smith-Jackson knows this all too well. As she has hustled out of her comfort zone to become the influential and powerful woman she is today. She’s discovered how to balance life, build a successful business, generate wealth and now teaches others how to do the same.

As the founder and CEO of the Pink Millionaire Club, an exclusive community for women entrepreneurs who are making major money moves through multiple income sources and investing in diversified portfolios without compromising their peace and femininity. Dame Nicola has nothing but gratitude in her heart when looking back to the many adversities she encountered in life before reaching where she is now. Her humble beginnings started in a season in her life when she was an overworked hair stylist trying to make ends meet. Despite being a college dropout, she managed to jumpstart her career as an entrepreneur and investor.

Her journey, however, was not without any hurtful challenges as she lost three of her children by the young age of 23. She has turned what would break most people into a life-changing motivational force to pursue her dreams relentlessly. While she carried the pain of her loss, she mustered the courage to move forward with grace and hope and inspire others to do the same.

Today, she is one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs across the country, generating millions in revenues and actively empowering other women to develop a growth mindset so that they, too, can realize their potential to generate wealth and while living a balanced life. Nicola Smith Jackson trains motivated women how to be strategic and effective in building a business no matter how big or small and then invest their profits to create a diversified portfolio, including being forward-thinking with digital assets such as cryptocurrency.

Through her advocacy, she’s helped women eliminate money blocks and find hope to create the lives they desire. She is best known for her unique ability to simplify complex financial concepts with an effective roadmap to success showing them how to manage money and create passive income.

Nicola Smith Jackson believes in investing in your skills and education as she’s certified through many of the world’s best programs including The John Maxwell Team, Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partner, Strategic Learning Alliance, and Jay Abraham’s Pinnacle Circle. By investing in her professional and personal growth, she is able to give more to the thousands of women who want to take their finances and businesses to the next level as she teaches time-tested proven strategies that could work for anyone who applies them.

Dame Nicola continues to be passionate as she evolves by expanding her business, making new investments, developing new trainings and programs or simply spending time with her family. She is always giving her 100% and remains humble and down to earth as before she earned her first million, which has been instrumental in driving her phenomenal success story.

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