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Upcoming NFT Collection The Geisha Tea House: Expertly Combining Art With Utility

As the NFT space continues to thrive and grow, creating a completely unique venture has become more challenging. Because of this, many have started noticing striking similarities across collections and criticized developers for creating repetitive and unoriginal projects. However, one emerging NFT initiative is turning heads for its distinct concept and exquisite designs: The Geisha Tea House.

The remarkable project was founded by Regal Star, Akil Wade, and Lukas Novotny; and it is a collection of 10,000 unique utility non-fungible tokens. Its designs and artworks take inspiration from geishas and Japanese culture. Each avatar is guaranteed to be one of a kind and has several traits such as kimonos, assets, houses, lips, hands, swords, masks, eyes, and pipes.

In addition to its excellent art pieces, what makes the venture stand out is its impressive lore set in the future. As its developers poetically explained on its website, “On 4 September 2049, the world was hit by an all-destroying cyber attack. It not only claimed digital life and unavoidably people’s income and security, but it was also accompanied by a worldwide cyborg extremists attack that erased humanity as we knew it. Only a few survived the attack, one of them was a cyborg geisha Mineka and a handful of young Maiko from the well-hidden and fortified Akirelu Okiya.”

They also added, “The fertility of these geisha has helped them to thrive from 5 to 10,000 in one year. Their ‘resident hangout’ is the Sukiya Tea Room in the Metaverse Hanamachi district, also known as The Geisha Tea House.” This incredible and well-thought-out vision perfectly ties the multifaceted collection together. 

But of course, the project is not simply focused on its creative and artistic parts. Embodying the actual Japanese tradition where Geishas are a symbolic representation of wealth and a closed community, The Geisha Tea House remains committed to its promise of utility.

One of the benefits that the venture provides to holders is giving them access to communicating and interacting with business leaders and entrepreneurs by hosting monthly keynote speaking engagements.

In addition, the token also has launchpad features and is ready to launch another VR event-related project which will be announced before the current collection’s mint. Finally, it gives holders access to NFT/Business Incubator.

Aside from that, There will also be upcoming merchandise sold exclusively to the community through The Rare Store. On top of that, a companion NFT can also be minted for free and Discord channels with Holders-Only Access.

Evidently, The Geisha Tea House collection is shaping up to be a blue-chip NFT project because of its unrivaled artistry and utility. As a result, many, especially NFT collectors and those who wish to engage with business tycoons and CEOs, are already working to secure a spot on the whitelist.

According to the venture’s Discord server, pre-sale for whitelisted wallets will be on Dec 17 for 0.0777 ETH. On the other hand, the public sale will start on Dec 18, and each token will cost 0.0888 ETH.

Learn more about The Geisha Tea House NFT by visiting its official website and Twitter. You can also join in community discussions through its dedicated Discord server.

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