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Urbane Dwellings Bringing Traveler Experiences to a New Level

Travel can be an exciting experience for many, whether it’s for work or leisure. And nowadays, through short term rental accommodations, people coming into a new city can get so much more of the local culture or maintain the feeling of “home.” Property company Urbane Dwellings recognizes this trend and has duplicated the homey experience of a short-term rental throughout America. 

With the rise of the short-term rental accommodations industry, a large chunk of the travel market has grown a preference for condominiums, apartments, and residences for travel accommodations. Gone are the days that hotels were one’s only lodging option. Today, through the services of companies like Urbane, people looking for a more authentic and close to culture alternative now have that option. 

Urbane Dwellings is a property rental company that thrives on short-term rentals. The company provides business and leisure travelers with fully-service and furnished housing in various Silicon Valley areas. The company’s residences have been thoughtfully designed to provide guests with a “home away from home.” Urbane Dwellings has served multiple clients traveling for corporate, medical, and recreational purposes.

Often when traveling, people can feel disconnected from a place. Urbane Dwellings wants to change that perception by providing travelers with an option that takes people away from the transient vibe and lets them into an authentic experience of the North San Jose, California, area. “As residents, they are owners of the brand, and they’re not just passing through,” shares Ray Licardo, owner and founder of Urbane Dwellings. “What motivates us most is seeing and knowing that we provided a space where our residents feel welcome.”

Apart from their exquisitely beautiful and Instagram-worthy designs that are sure to wow guests their whole stay, Urbane Dwellings also boasts a seamless customer experience. Their superior customer service and quality lodging have made their accommodations a frequent provider for companies like Google, Apple, Amber Lodging Company, The CSI Companies, 2nd Address, and many others. 

Urbane Dwellings provides spacious apartments that are twice the average hotel room’s size and have complete amenities, including WiFi, Smart TVs with cable, full kitchens, in-unit laundry, fitness centers, pools, onsite parking, business centers, on-demand Housekeeping, and many other services. Even as COVID-19 has swept the world into stricter health protocols, Urbane has maintained travelers’ trust by maintaining the highest level of safety standards. 

Currently, the property company has started taking on investors and homeowners looking to create passive income streams. The company takes care of marketing and managing properties, while investors and property owners open their homes to guests without any added hassle. The opening for investors is extremely limited and promises high potential yields in the short to mid-term. 

Looking to the future, Ray looks to bring Urbane Dwellings to every corner of the nation and even start opening homes outside of the United States. By scaling outward, he hopes to achieve more than just profitability. Urbane Dwellings stands for a symbol of safety and comfort for any weary traveler who seeks refuge in a cozy home that will make any trip more memorable and convenient.

To learn more about Urbane Dwellings, and get more information on their offering to investors, check out its website and Instagram account.

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