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Top 20 People to Follow on Instagram in 2020

The world is better because of talented and skillful individuals. Whether an industry professional, an artist or a field-specific practitioner, many individuals have stepped up and assumed roles to help their communities. Indeed, succeeding in particular industries is an arduous process, especially when the competition is extreme. It often takes years and multiple setbacks before attaining their desired objectives. But with the commitment towards their profound goals and love for their pursuits, they are now making marks. And US Reporter has hand-picked 20 of them:   

  1. Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck owns multiple media and companies like VaynerX, VaynerMedia, and VaynerSports. The serial entrepreneur has sat down with various Fortune 100 companies through his full-service advertising company VaynerMedia. The company has four locations across the country. Vaynerchuck is also the chairman of VaynerX, a communications holding company.

Vaynerchuck is a highly sought-out public speaker, a New York Times bestselling author five in a row, and a media personality. He is appearing on the spotlight in DailyVee, an online documentary series and he is also the voice behind the successful Top 100 global podcast “The GaryVee Audio Experience.” 

Instagram: @garyvee


  1. Gwen Medved

Gwen Medved, M.Ed., is a success coach, and “R Factor for Success” resiliency trainer. She is the author of Pillars of Success and she co-authored with Jack Canfield. Gwen is also the Executive producer of the documentary film “It’s Happening Right Here”, made to create awareness, prevent and help end child sex trafficking. She is a strong advocate for women and children, with a deep commitment to family, community, and motherhood. A successful entrepreneur who grew up in a highly dysfunctional family, Gwen knows first-hand what it takes to create success in life when opportunity is not handed to you. 

Gwen is a trained graduate of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer Professional Development Program – a year-long intensive professional training program focused on how to experientially teach the principles of success and the facilitation of individual and transformational leadership trainer, and success coach. Gwen is mission-driven to combat the elements that victimize and dehumanize individuals. Her work includes advocacy, online events, retreats, speaking engagements, group and individual coaching. Gwen is a Purdue University graduate, an M.Ed in Counseling and Human Services from DePaul University.

Instagram: @gwenmedved


  1. Vittorio Faricelli

Vittorio Faricelli is an exciting luxury realtor to follow on social media, as he has been making major waves in the South Florida real estate market since his move from New York City where he was consistently a top real estate agent in the market.  Vittorio has helped many high net worth clients in both selling and purchasing capacities and has also worked on several transactions together with Ryan Serhant of Bravo TV’s Hit TV show, “Million Dollar Listing New York”.

Vittorio is the Founder of The Faricelli Group, where he and his team combine traditional real estate brokerage with a custom built and cutting-edge technology & marketing platform that has proven to highly outperform the overwhelming majority of traditional marketing/distribution platforms that realtors use.  This has provided significant benefits to his seller clients, resulting in properties being in multiple offer situations, over asking price, and in a short time period.

Vittorio never needed any additional motivation or drive, but since he has recently become a new father to his baby girl Emma, Vittorio has been working tirelessly to create avenues that provide his clients further advantages in selling their homes or in their home searches if they are purchasing.  

Instagram: @vittorio_faricelli


  1. NTG & Yung Draw

Philadelphia’s Power Couple “Ntg” (Natalie the Great) hails out of Philadelphia and “Yung Draw” via Chester PA, meet the “next to blow” out of Philly. These two are as destined for greatness as they are destined for each other. The married power couple pride themselves on being hip hop’s answer to real love, self pride and raw lyricism. In 2013, this duo created Ntune Entertainment group an up and coming indie label bursting with new energy, great music and over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry. The pair have been featured in several magazines, on several radio stations and even a billboard on Philadelphia’s own 69th Street. Stay Tuned for this power house couple and look out for more news about Ntune Entertainment Group on their website.

NTG & Yung Draw have performed with and or opened for Tone Trump, Legendary Hip Hop artist Kurtis Blow, DJ Too Tuff of The Tuff Crew, Hip Hop Artist Cyhi The Prince signed to Kanye West’s GOOD MUSIC & DEF JAM Recordings, and many other notable performers. In March of 2017, Philadelphia’s Power Couple is co-producing an Independent Showcase with Air It Out Radio featuring DJ Drewski of Love & Hip Hop New York & Hot 97.

The couple has also been featured in XXL Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, The Hype Magazine, Up Next Magazine & Street Motivation Magazine. They have been featured on popular hip hop sites like Hip Hop Dx, La Wire, NY Weekly, The Music Observer, Music Industry Weekly This Is 50, All Hip Hop, Hip Hop Since 1987, Hip Hop Vibe & others. They have also been on the radio with Coast 2 Coast , 98.5 Fm Most Slept On Radio, 98.5 Fm The Wire, Cali’s Best Radio Show, The Magnetic Mixtape, Air It Out Radio, GlocaWear Radio, The Real Deal Radio & many more.

Facebook: NTune Entertainment Group

Instagram: @ntg2627

Twitter: @NTGMCEE

YouTube: Ntune Entertainment Group 


  1. Morad Fiki

Morad Fiki hails as one of the top real estate agents in Houston, Texas, with an unparalleled passion and expertise for luxury real estate sales. He has built the luxury real estate concierge service in Houston with excellent service, world-class marketing, and a global reach capable of dominating the taste of the international market.

He has been dubbed as “The Future” of Houston’s real estate industry as his vision has empowered the market with flavor and powerful marketing strategies. Recently, he launched a reality show on YouTube called Million Dollar Agent, where he showcased some of the most exclusive homes in Houston, Texas, for the world to see. 

Instagram: @Morad.Fiki

Twitter: @Morad.Fiki

LinkedIn: Morad Fiki

YouTube: Morad Fiki – Luxury Home Expert


  1. Shawn Fair

Shawn Fair is a motivational speaker and trainor. He has coached some of the most prominent names in the business world with his expertise in the areas of corporate leadership and corporate management. Shawn has an excellent aptitude in engaging, motivating and inspiring leaders of all levels to achieve their vision. With his ability, he has impacted countless lives across the United States, Canada and Europe helping individuals come to the realization that change is necessary for their personal and business growth. Shawn has created and delivered World Class Award Winning presentations on large stages within corporations, conventions and events.

In 2020, his leadership training has reached as far as Budapest, Hungary, to France and South Africa. His personal leadership and management experience in Corporate America allow him to speak with passion and power to all leaders. Now, Shawn Fair is taking his Leadership Experience Tour from the Movie Theaters and Major venues to Digital TV. Starting October 1, 2020, Shawn will have his own digital network on the Onstage Plus and Roku Network where he will be displaying other prominent leadership speakers.  

Facebook: Shawn Fair

Instagram: @shawnfair2

LinkedIn: Shawn Fair

Twitter: @shawnfair3


  1. Adonte Fontane

Adonte Fontane is a musically-innovative rapper. For the past decade, Adonte has proven himself to be extremely versatile and became one of the best to come from his region. The on-the-rise rapper is from Oakland, CA. And he has only begun to take the internet and music industry by storm with his hit singles “Upgrade”, “Way It Is” and newest single “Winners” which received a massive amount of traction in early 2020. His energetic vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and insanely selective beats are a remarkable combination that will make you rise out of your seat every time you listen.

Instagram: @adontefontane

Spotify: Adonte Fontane

Apple Music: Adonte Fontane


  1. Tamara Thompson

Founder of Broadcast Your Authority, Keynote Speaker, & Video Marketer, Tamara Thompson found her passion with inspiring storytelling through high-quality video production. Tamara became an award-winning director through sold out documentary film circuits in 2012. Then decided to share short compelling segments on Youtube and before you knew it, her videos went viral. She accumulated over 800K views in less than 3 weeks, and started her career producing for corporate clients such as Safeway, Gabrielle Cosmetics, and Microsoft.

Tamara then stepped into the entrepreneurial space and saw the need to shift her business. Helping entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches gain access to the knowledge, training, and skills she learned alongside the big brands. She has redirected her passion to serve people by getting the right message, optimization and content among social platforms from Youtube, podcasting, and massive visibility through repurposing micro-content at consumable lengths to keep people engaged, and help prospects turn to clients through rapport. 

Facebook: Broadcast Your Authority

Instagram: @tamarathompsonofficial

Youtube: Video Marketing For Business with Tamara Thompson

LinkedIn: Tamara Thompson


  1. Martha Gottwald

The notoriety of Martha Gottwald in the fashion industry is owed to a miracle 7 years ago. The survivor of a near-fatal car accident that taught her about strength and endurance, Gottwald took her second chance at life to connect and create through  her  highly-acclaimed fashion brand, Neubyrne. Like Gottwald herself, Neubyrne embraces color and whimsicality.

Some say, if life gives you lemons, make some lemonade. Martha made not just lemonade but built a whole lemonade stand. Her stand takes form as her effervescent and engaging Instagram account where she serves up the lewks and the lols.

The next collection for SS21 is sure to bring all of the most coveted retailers begging for a piece of this truly revolutionary and aspirational brand. Be sure to follow along and snag some swag. 

Instagram: @neu_byrne


  1. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the CEO and founder of businesses that helps businesses and the community. Robbins is perhaps one of the most sought-after speakers in the modern world. He is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, life and business coach, and a New York Times bestselling author. Over the years, he has proven himself to be a man of generosity and excellence.

He serves as the Chairman of seven private companies and other five holding companies that have played key roles in changing the lives of over 50 million people from 100 different countries across the globe. Robbins’ humanitarian work, Anthony Robbins Foundation, has reached out to more than 50 countries feeding over two million people every year. 

Instagram: @tonyrobbins


  1. Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV

Atlanta native Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV is an award-winning Liberian-American music artist, film director, producer, and actor who has moved to Los Angeles and is emerging as a force within the LA entertainment community. He has had the privilege of working with celebrity music director Kimberly Burse (Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara), Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys), D.I.F.F.A. Aids Foundation, Netflix, Make A Wish Foundation, among others. 

Two of the recent music videos he directed,  Can’t Get Enough by Dos and Cat Haggat’s Come Through, have gotten over 1 million views each. Frederick’s film work includes Artifice & With Interest which is out on Amazon Prime. He is also planning to drop new highly anticipated music this coming fall along with his directorial feature film Debut BREATHE which stars Brandon Butler (13 Reasons Why / Trinkets), Allison McAtte (The Have & Have Nots), Danube Hermosillo (Shameless), Blue Kimble (Monogamy), Aaron Dominguez (Shaft), among many other rising stars and talents in the industry.

Facebook: Tabiyus

Instagram: @tabiyusnah

Twitter: @tabiyusnah

IMDB: Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV

YouTube: phoenix4ent


  1. Ryan Hagan

Ryan Hagan is a vocal powerhouse, independent pop singer-songwriter from Tennessee. Ryan is making waves as a pop musician in an otherwise country music town, Nashville. His most recent single “You Deserve Better” (produced by Grammy-nominated Bryan Todd) got radio play starting in the U.K. and, in two weeks, soared to #7 on the international charts (Music Week). Currently “You Deserve Better” is charting simultaneously on Commercial Pop, Black Music and Club Music charts.

Instagram: @ryanhaganmusic


  1. Sarah Olea

Sarah Olea is a marketing and branding solution provider who founded Los Angeles based Social Media Marketing Agency, Social Light. Sarah and her team have helped ignite the careers of many artists, authors, medical professions, and more. Social Light LLC has worked with both small and large brands and has executed creative marketing campaigns that capture engaged audiences. Sarah’s passion for building Social Media strategies and growing her clients following is more than a job for her. Sarah loves taking the opportunity to sow into the lives of her clients which she says always brings her great joy. Follow Sarah and Social Light on social media to get free marketing tips and inspiration.

Sarah Olea is the Co-founder of a female-owned social media marketing agency that offers unique and creative strategies to help grow an engaged and loyal fan base for their clients. Sarah has led campaigns that have achieved over 13 Million views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers.

Instagram: @sdotolea; @teamsociallight


  1. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a serial entrepreneur, author, and business coach. He’s helped businessmen and women by the millions in the field of sales and marketing. The company he has founded, Cardone Capital, started from scratch. Now, it is a $1.8 billion company with hundreds of connections and millions of reach extending to hundreds of countries across the globe. 

Grant has authored books such as The 10X Rule, If You’re Not First, You’re Last, and several others that show entrepreneurs the right work ethics, mindset, and drive to succeed in any business ventures they have in mind. To date, he strongly holds seven private companies, published 21 best selling books, and influenced millions from hundreds of countries. 

Instagram: @grantcardone


  1. Luan Becerra

Luan is a Brazilian-American surfer and a 3x Founder Serial Entrepreneur raised on the North Shore of Kaua’i in Hawai’i. ProSession, the most inspiring sports media and lifestyle brand on Earth, is Luan’s latest venture.

Luan thrives in creatively envisioning innovative companies. He is enthusiastic about leveraging ‘the source code of intrinsic motivation’—or ‘flow state’—to develop new and inspirational content and ideas. His chief passions are sports, outdoor adventures, film, culture, history, and inspiring moments that give you a sense of awe, encouragement, and joy.

Above all, Luan desires to make a positive impact by contributing to a better planet so our current and future generations can enjoy an elevated quality of life. 

Instagram: @theluanbecerra


  1. Chasing Mermaids

Chasing Mermaids has the flow of the Black Eyed Peas with the sound of Chainsmokers. Sunflower Duran aka Sunny D on the mic, Michael J. Peterson aka Big Mike the Emcee, Ryan Rodriguez-Wiggins aka Paradox (or the Wig), Russel Gilbert aka IRA and Dini make up the quintet group. The group is managed by Erik Adelhock. The group has amazing music breathing life to the new age hip-hop sound. They are surely the next big thing!

With their sound, people who love pop style and hip-hop with electronic beats will be on the edge of their seats.

Instagram: @chasingmermaidmoney; @pinkartspeace; @sunflowerduran; @BigMiketheEmcee; @everything_so_hard; @_ira_russ; @dini.lmr 


Facebook: Chasing Mermaids; Pink Arts Peace Productions, Inc.; Sunflower Duran

  1. Jonathan Shelly

Jonathan Shelly is the designer of Shirlyfast, King of the High Road. He designed the brand to be an event holder and a racing team owning challenge, taking wishes, and granting all for the betterment of the society. This mission is rooted to Jonathan’s childhood hurdle. He had a heart surgery at age 5 in a children’s hospital in Dallas. Young Jonathan had an upper coarctation of the heart. In 1989, he knew that there is one thing I can do for his country. So he decided to become the first American to ever win Isle of Man. Everything he has done so far has led up to his dream becoming a reality. To grant wishes, take on challenges, inspire the world, and share his dreams to others. Through Shirlyfast, Jonathan wants to give hope to parents who don’t know what to do and give inspiration to the kids to fight like he did.


  1. Ben Labra – Gesture

Gesture is one of the newest mobile gifting applications to join the popular “on-demand & last mile” family of convenience companies. It lives out the company’s mission in providing a solution to the historical problem of overpriced and unreliable gifting. Gesture gives anyone the ability to send flowers, wine, champagne, cakes, and much more, delivered free in less than an hour, all starting at $20. 

Think of 1800flowers with an Uber-like approach. Their mission is to make the world smaller one Gesture at a time. They are currently available in 35+ markets, including NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, and many more. Next time someone forgets a birthday, anniversary, or just wants to show some appreciation to a client, download the Gesture app and send an amazing gesture that will make a lasting impression. Stop Gifting, and start Gesturing! 

Facebook: Gesture

Instagram: @sendagesture;

  1. B Taylor

Multi-award winning artist, producer, songwriter, speaker, and best-selling author, B. Taylor is riding the waves of success with a unique sound and style that has never been done by anyone. He is an esteemed Navy Veteran, discovered by Motown Legend The Miracle’s Pete Moore and other members of Smokey and The Miracles. This coming September 11th, he will be releasing a song  and music video through Sony Music/Orchard and BMG Publishing. This epic music video is in collaboration with the U.S. Military and Department of Defense to unite the country together with love and positivity.

B. Taylor is a “A Global Ambassador of Entertainment for the U.S. Military, Veterans, First Responders and their Families”. And has been awarded  the 2018 Hillvets “Top 100” most influential veteran in all of business in the U.S. He has had two number #1 chart topping records as an artist, producer and songwriter with NCIS former star Pauley Perrette and mega star Chris Brown. Since 2013, he has spoken to over 400,000 kids, military, veterans, and families. Recently in July his non profit 1 Life Organization will be building the first one stop shop prototype in the United States based at the Houston Heights Hospital.  This is in line with the Congressional Cover Act and will be for all military, veterans, and first responders to heal through fitness, alternative therapies, and also counselors for everything a veteran or military would need. 

Instagram: @btaylorofficial


  1. Cora Christian

Cora Christian is the CEO and Founder of Beyond Beauty, Mississippi’s top noninvasive body contouring facility. It was created three years ago when Cora began to notice a need for a more thorough and precise way to address and assist in body image needs. 

She is known as the “Queen of Contour.” And her products are part of the leading body wellness products across the globe. Cora is the first and only Black American woman to create such amazing products.

Cora provides organic products that help people achieve lipo-like results without going under the knife called Beyond Beauty Body Ice™️.  To share her knowledge and experience, Cora wrote a book entitled Plan, Prepare, Execute Everything Beyond Beauty which is available on amazon and selling over 1,700 copies in just three days.

Instagram: @beyondbeautyllc


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