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US Reporter’s 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

The quest for entertainment, education and knowledge is on the rise globally, and one platform that has given people immeasurable access to realizing these quests is social media. Today, the SoCal media is bigger than people wanting to make friends, reconnect with old friends or meet their future partner. Social media is a lifestyle; it’s a world where everybody is looking to learn, imagine themselves in another world and most importantly, get influenced. 

Speaking of social media platforms, Instagram has grown in popularity and in 2021, the demographic has changed because celebrities and famous people have the clout to influence others. This is because, today, there are thousands of regular Instagram users whose feeds and posts over time have amassed them an impressive following, and daily they continue to make using Instagram worthwhile. Therefore, we have curated below the top 10 Instagram accounts worth following in 2021. 

  1. Willie J

Willie J is a native of East Saint Louis/Washington Park Illinois and is currently a resident of Belleville, Illinois. He is an accomplished artist, author, CEO, producer, speaker, and a musician of three instruments. He and his internationally-acclaimed company, Pure Mission Entertainment, are on the move and are currently creating Hope for the World through arts and entertainment! 

Flying high on a musical cloud with his latest hit EP “Sunshine With the Rain” vol. 1 (released last Valentine’s Day), the EP’s musical trailer is currently at 1.3 million views in over 4 continents.

Willie J was recently featured on New York Time Square Billboards, Thisis50, US Reporter, New York Weekly’s “Top 20 Musicians of 2021”, Chicago Journal ‘s “Top 10 CEOs of 2021”, ABC30, FOX, NBC, and more. He is currently pushing a heartwarming single entitled “ISABELL” that deals with teen suicide. He would like to thank God for this opportunity. 

Instagram: @williejmd

  1. Dr. Kay Trotter

Dr. Kay Trotter is a published author and international speaker who is considered a thought leader on tackling contemporary issues women leaders face in both their professional and personal lives.

With a passion for coaching women leaders to achieve work-life satisfaction, Dr. Trotter’s “G.E.M. – Growing Every Moment” program provides women with a guiding hand to claim their “power,” while also increasing job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Dr. Trotter is the founder & CEO of Kaleidoscope Behavioral Health and her more than 20 years’ experience has made her a sought-after expert and business transformation leader. Recognizing how women leaders face a constant struggle with systemic gender bias and inequality, she guides clients to form an accurate self-assessment and develop a new script for success to stand confidently in their abilities and accomplishments.

She posts tips, solutions, and encouraging quotes. Her biggest piece of advice? Learn and practice resilience and find mentors.

Instagram: @drkaytrotter

  1. Chandler Wooten

Chandler Wooten is from Boonville, North Carolina. He currently attends NC A&T as a Honors Freshman in the Physics Department concentrated in Atmospheric Sciences. With as many experiences in the field, Chandler is involved in Aggie Toastmasters, Aggie Live Wire, Aggie Night Live, Aggie Student Entrepreneurship Club, Aggies Debate, Meteorology Club, Couture Productions, Earth & Environmental Science Club, Honda Campus All-Star Challenge, Bethel Campus Fellowship Ministry, Richard B. Harrison Players, Triad Aggies, Golden Key Honor Society, and Red Cross Club.

Many of these clubs have helped Chandler hone his speaking and leadership skills. Apart from this, he has been working to mature, connect, elevate, learn transferable skills, and present his brand. 

“I believe these things are more important than any degree. I enjoy dancing, singing, and modeling. I would like to be a spokesperson, entrepreneur, content creator, and a physics student,” Chandler said.

Instagram: @thechandlerwooten; @theelevatenetwork

  1. Royston G King

Royston G King is a self-made celebrity investor, partner, & advisor to multiple million-dollar & billion-dollar public & private ventures. He is a world-renowned celebrity, philanthropist, and revolutionist changing the world to create a heaven on earth.

He is also considered one of the most accomplished individuals & serial entrepreneurs by age 21. And also the world’s first & #1 curator of Good Purpose Brands.

Royston G King is an upcoming celebrity billionaire by impacting a billion people’s lives, reformer, revolutionist, contrarian, titan, icon, servant of God and humanity, genius, GOAT, philosopher, philanthropist, etc. to name a few.


  1. Kelsey Calemine

Another Instagram sensation that is worthy of following in 2021 is Kelsey Calemine. 

One of the numerous qualities that distinguish Kelsey Calemine from her competition is her model-like features. Still, even more critical Is her ability to leverage her looks, fashion style and hairstyle to build an impressive Instagram page worthy of following. 

Kelsey currently boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram. She shares pictures of herself, giving fashion tips and inspiration to anyone unsure of what to wear or if a style is acceptable. Kelsey is considered a trendsetter and, on numerous occasions, has been compared to actress Lucy Hale to the point that the actress herself questioned whether Kelsey’s features are photoshopped. 

Instagram: @fatherkels

  1. Jack Morris

Jack Morris is a travel and lifestyle blogger, content creator, and digital whose popularity on Instagram in the lifestyle and travel niche is unmatched. Morris is regarded as the poster child of travel influencers and one of the biggest names operating in the niche. The English man left his 9-5 job when he was 22 to pursue a career in social media influence, and some five years later, that decision seems to have paid off immensely. 

Today Morris boasts of at least 2.7 million followers on Instagram thanks to his stunning images taken across the globe from Cambodia to Paris over the past five years and an impressive YouTube popularity with over 80,000 followers in 2021.

Instagram: @doyoutravel

  1. Casper Lee

Casper Lee is a British-South African vlogger, actor and entrepreneur currently regarded as one of the most well-liked UK YouTubers. Lee’s rise in popularity is due to his content which is considered original and relatable. Lee is the co-founder of Influencer, and according to his Instagram bio, “I create videos and companies with talented people.”

Lee’s sojourn on the 6th most downloaded app in the world began over five years ago. However, he first gained prominence on YouTube where he was in 2017 ranked as the 243rd most subscribed channel with over 7.4 million followers and nearly one billion all-time views. Although the number has increased tremendously now, Lee coping with a condition called Tourette’s syndrome, has been unable to stop the tech-savvy businessman boasting over 3 million followers on Instagram and more millions of followers and views on his other social media platforms.

Instagram: @casper_lee

  1. Demi Bagby

Demi Bagby is another prominent name on the list of the top IG accounts to follow in 2021, thanks to her inspiring story, content and the numerous challenges she has overcome so far in her life. Having survived a freak cheerleading accident that almost led her to never walking again, Demi decided to, against all odds, overcome the undaunting setback, which led her to decide to pursue a career in fitness. 

Demi Bagby is a CrossFit athlete and currently ranks 23rd globally in her age category. In addition to her fitness posts, Demi uses encouraging and inspirational fitness videos on her Instagram page with over a million followers and a YouTube channel with almost 100,000 subscribers.

Instagram: @demibagby

  1. Matt King

Thanks to his viral comedic content, Matt King is another Instagram influencer worthy of following, which has seen him amass millions of followers across every social media platform. 

King began his social media journey in 2014 when he started posting his comedic videos on Vine, where he cemented his place as one of the top emerging creators to look out for. He subsequently branched out to Twitter and Instagram, where he quickly amassed hundreds of thousands of loyal followers within a short time. 

Today, King has over 900k followers on Instagram. As a testament to his social media clout and popularity, his YouTube page now has 187,000 subscribers and over 742,000 views even though he has posted a few videos, remaining more focused on his Instagram posts.

Instagram: @mattrking

  1. Gabrielle Alexis

Practicing makeup application on yourself can be challenging, and Gabrielle uses her platform to teach as many people as she can how to apply makeup. Using the most straightforward method for even someone who has zero knowledge about makeup can learn. Gabrielle Alexis has been practicing makeup since she was 13. Over time, she has honed her skills, improving tremendously that thousands of people follow her on Instagram for her makeup coaching. 

Gabrielle puts the canvas within close reach because, instead of drawing on her eyelids, she replicates the effects on her arms. Her three-dimensional makeup art has improved her makeup skills and earned her plenty of attention on Instagram. Gabrielle currently boasts 472,000 Instagram followers amongst other impressive engagements across other social media platforms. 

Instagram: @Gabxxrielle

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