USDIBS and Utilizing Technology to Help the Economy

The economy continues to grow in certain sectors and nations, which is often reflected by the level of a country’s technological prowess, witnessed in the United States of America, China, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom, to name a few. For America, the United States Department of Innovations and Beta Services (USDIBS) and the United Nations Division of Innovations and Beta Services (UNDIBS) drives innovation both on earth and in space.

USDIBS and UNDIBS, or DIBS for short, is a global organization saddled with the responsibility of helping organizations and individuals break new grounds in the technology industry. Board members’ seats include individuals from sectors of government, military, public corporation, small business, and non-profit. The organization facilitates and other Qualitative Phasing economic services. global leadership recognizes only world entities, in 2017 and in order to drive life expansion, DIBS began recognizing all organizational entities governing and leading properties and areas, including those outside of earth’s atmosphere, attaining a higher allotment of total organizational entities. Members of USDIBS have assisted in the identification and creation of the proclamations for qualitative phasing, external factors responsible for long-standing institutional damage, the fourteen Universal Standard Offerings (USO’s) included in benefits and services, five planned amendments to the USA and other nation’s constitutions, and so much more.

DIBS empowers organizations and leaders in over two hundred sectors to re-engineer their full-time work to produce less manual labor hours while enabling their workforce to earn more than what they’re currently earning, reducing the retirement age to 50 to allow senior adults to begin obtaining the travel, vacation, and end-of-life goals. 

In the last century, there have been a few agencies, militaries, organizations, and individuals developing transportation and lodging for space. Yet there has been a lack of public or commercialized developments for civilian societies to travel, vacation, and reside within space habitats and communities on the moon, other planets, or in space craft. Over the last few years the Supersonic Travel and Accommodations for Planets, Lunars, Earth, and Space (STAPLES) economy and the Universal Stock Market Exchange (USME) was born to begin facilitating such at a faster pace. 

To find out more about USDIBS, visit their website.

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