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Versatile Entrepreneur Gabriel Walker Rises to Lead

Gabriel Walker steps unflinching into the limelight thriving in the business world with sheer creativity and wit. Using a combination of enthusiasm, resilience and a different perspective from other entrepreneurs and well-known businesses in the way he assesses value and opportunities.

He runs reputable businesses like Delorean Music Media Group. Delorean Music Media Group is a refined entertainment label whose primary focus is on family and doing what is best for the artist from both the musical and financial standpoints. The Media group prides itself on presenting the best deals for all parties without sacrificing or suppressing the artists dreams, message, or identity. With keen and experienced insight on what it takes to be a successful band or artist, Delorean Music Media Group helps navigate all the essentials and mundanities: from gig locations to licensing issues, to logistics and so on – freeing the artist to focus on what really matters: the music.

“We are proud to say we’ve delivered a fair share also with proper promotion to all the artists we represent, and should you choose us, you will discover why we’re the best,” they said.

Gabriel Walker aka Baby Thug was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. A man with a strong belief in family and a deep love for his community. He is known for being a genuine person; always willing to lend a helping hand and accepting of everyone. He has been around the music industry for a while and knows the ins and outs of successfully managing both small and large acts across a range of venues and settings. Although he started off with nothing, having struggled through the hardships in his early years from gang violence and other vices in his environment, undeterred he kept climbing and made it from the bottom to the top. One of the strongest influences in his life is his mum whom he describes as a tireless worker with southern family values which he follows and takes into business as well. “From everything she taught me, I capitalized on my weaknesses and made them my strengths,” he shares.

He is passionate about finding his own path in the music industry and having the freedom to express himself and give other artists the freedom to do so as well. He is dedicated to his vision and has turned down several deals to stay true to it. He believes that his intelligence and progress speak for themselves; and if there is no limit to his dreams and ambition, why not go after it as a CEO?

He dreams of growing his company to be a multi-millionaire business in partnerships with many other labels and brands; to work on community growth, to create room for others and help them break through whatever ceilings that limit them.

Walker’s desire is to inspire his generation, and the ones coming after, by showing that they can become their own Boss, an entrepreneur by themselves and see the freedom and brain power that they possess to do it on their own. A lot of people seem to put too much of their focus and emphasis on big industries and companies and fail to recognize the dynamic potential and strength that lies untapped within them. “Look where I’m at today from hard earned studying and believing in myself and having a great team and family that supports me,” he shares.

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