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Veteran DC Comics Illustrator Mike S. Miller Creates the Meta Bounty Hunters NFT Characters

When it comes to creating highly desirable, valuable, and impressive digital art, nothing comes close to the artistry of veteran comic book illustrator Mike S. Miller, who is best known for his DC Comics’ Injustice: Gods Among Us series. His 30-year unmatched mark in the comic book world adds value to the upcoming non-fungible token (NFT) community Meta Bounty Hunters, set to launch publicly this coming February 17, 2022. The whitelist pre-sale for those who meet the requirements will be on February 10. 

Mike’s remarkable work for Meta Bounty Hunters adds value to the characters, making them one of the hottest must-haves in the metaverse today. Apart from his work with DC Comics, Mike has also worked with Marvel Comics, Malibu Comics, and Image Comics. At some point in his colorful career, he self-published his work under the imprint Alias Enterprise. Mike has also done illustrations for Game of Thrones covers and related prequels, Adventures of Superman, and his independent project called Lonestar. 

The seasoned illustrator is also a great writer. His book, Deal with the Devil, was considered by Lionsgate for a major project. Today, the same project is being developed by Broken Road Productions. His interest in the NFTs began in 2021 when he started working alongside Bitboy Crypto, who is YouTube’s leading influencer today. He worked with Bitboy Crypto, the number 1 crypto influencer on YouTube, which inspired him to develop his own NFT project, the Funky Money Frat House. That single life-changing experience opened Mike’s eyes to the limitless potential of crypto and NFTs in general. Diving into the Meta Bounty Hunters project was something he did instinctively, knowing that the future would be within the metaverse.

Meta Bounty Hunters is a collection of 8,888 Meta Bounty Hunter tokens that combine 235 traits distributed across 14 categories. Each character will be algorithmically generated, combining 14 rarity attributes that will make each character distinct and one of a kind. The characters depict the cool vibe of galactic bounty hunters who are uniquely designed to do good deeds for the community. Future holders will have fun seeing their characters with different backgrounds, armors, helmets, belts, bandoliers, cloaks, visors, antennae, gauntlets, and guns, to mention a few. 

The early whitelist sale will be happening on February 10, and the  community will be selling 2,500 NFTs. Only one NFT per person will be allowed during the whitelist sale. Once it reaches phase five of the roadmap, the community will introduce the Reflection Rewards. Each Meta Bounty Hunter can earn its share of the Reflection Rewards.

VIP exclusive mints can also be anticipated down the road, which will be open to holders with multiple Meta Bounty Hunters in their collections. This exclusive mint will feature limited edition and private characters that are yet to be revealed. One of the advantages of owning a Meta Bounty Hunter is that every owner gets exclusive access to all future whitelist events. 

The team behind Meta Bounty Hunters is composed of Cryptobot, Dose, Underdog Mike, Nakoa, Fawkes, Carol, and Fiddy Bill. Together, they are committed to giving all of their future holders an exceptional experience within the community.

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