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VII.XXI Agency Founder, Beau Strawder, Leverages the Lockdown to Make Money

The VII.XXI agency is an agency that has thrived despite the nationwide lockdown in the United States over the past few months. Established and run by Beau Gevonne Strawder, VII.XXI Agency has changed the lives of everyone that has associated with it. In the simplest terms, the agency puts people through on how to use a popular social app called Bigo Live App. This app gives people the platform to go live, showcase their talents, and make money. And at the forefront of that is Beau Gevonne Strawder, who is the host on the live show where people come on and showcase their talent.

Beau is the main reason the Bigo Live App has been a success over the last few months. People love his face, his bubbling energy, and amiable nature. During his live sessions, he receives a lot of digital gifts, which he has monetized into monthly paychecks, and has thus been smiling to the bank since he started. Beau Gevonne Strawder made his first $10,000 on the Bigo Live App and not long after, he got hit with COVID-19. He tested positive, and he got all the severe symptoms of the virus. For weeks, he was all on his own, trying to recover from the virus away from his loved ones. He eventually tested negative and went back to work.

His work then revolved around teaching other hosts and broadcasters how to use the Bigo Live app and make money off it. He landed a lot of clients, and since then, his business has boomed, and today, he lives in Hollywood, California. He is currently living his once-upon-a-time dream, and he has not even achieved half of his goals. According to him, he still has plans to set up other businesses because the only way for him is up.

VII.XXI Agency has changed the lives of many people, including Beau himself, and he hopes to continue to change lives. His audience is made up of teenagers, the LGBTQ community, young and old people, and women. What has made Beau’s brand a successful brand is mostly his personality. He is bursting with energy, and the comic side of him gets people to relate with him better.

While it may seem like Beau Gevonne Strawder is doing so much through his agency VII.XII, it did not happen by accident. He always had a desire to make a lot of money and create a life for himself. The moment he got the chance to make money from his brand, he took it. And by creating an income stream for himself, he is doing the same for others too.

Being successful by working smart is his major strategy. And building himself up from nothing is enough proof for anyone who cares to know that anything is possible. He is an example, and where he is today is a part of a bigger dream that he had for himself.

Learn more about Beau Gevonne Strawder and the VII.XXI agency through the agency’s Instagram page.