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VP Harris Travels to States to Campaign for Abortion Rights

The public, particularly pro-abortionists, strongly disagreed with the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the historic Roe v. Wade ruling.

On the other hand, senior US officials have also come out in the open to voice their opposition and show sympathy for the public. V.P. Kamala Harris is one of them.

Since announcing the decision months ago, Harris has toured many states to reiterate her pro-abortion calls. In addition, the vice president hosted more than 20 seminars and events, bringing together state lawmakers, healthcare professionals, activists, religious leaders, civil rights leaders, and legal advisors. In their congregation, Harris pays close attention to the participants and stresses that the problem will be her main platform for the midterm elections in November.

“Let’s link arms and do what we need to do, including in the next 34 days,” Harris said.

There is only about a month left before the American people cast their ballots for the candidates they want. A considerable portion of voters takes abortion seriously, according to the poll.

For instance, a September survey showed that around 77% of Democrats were inclined to vote in the upcoming November elections while bearing the abortion debate in mind.

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A political leverage

Harris was able to gain support for her cause by being adamantly pro-abortion rights and encouraging others to follow any White House comments on the subject. Additionally, the senior official has been visiting other states, such as Indiana, Florida, and North Carolina, to interact with stakeholders. To further that goal, Harris will visit more states.

The vice president will have the power to communicate with as many individuals as possible, especially those who may be impacted by the SC’s decision, thanks to her frequent and comprehensive participation. According to Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod, Harris’s actions will benefit her in November’s midterm elections.

“Her visit to those states will likely lead most of the daily papers in that state, or at least in that area. It makes a lot of sense because this is an issue that will drive turnout and drive a lot of the decisions coming out in the midterm cycle,” she said.

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Beyond politics

Harris may appear to be using it as a political ploy, but many who have observed Harris at the conferences say it is not that at all.

“I think what is immediately evident when you attend those meetings is that she is very much involved in the conversation,” said Jocelyn Frye from the National Partnership for Women and Families.

“This is not a meeting where she is just reading talking points. She is immersed in what’s going on day-to-day. It was a conversation where she really wanted to learn. She had done her homework,” she added.

Harris acted as the district attorney and attorney general in California’s district law office before running for politics and entering the national political landscape. Reproductive rights are a theme in several of her writings.

“The issue of fighting for the dignity of women in the health care system was ingrained in me literally from the time I can remember. This is truly an issue that is going to be about what all of our movements have been about, frankly. There’s going to be a need for litigation and legislation; there’s going to be the need for organizing,” Harris said.

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