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Wendy Gerhardt on Entrepreneurship and Finding Purpose

Most people will find that life can dish out the nastiest jabs. But some have the resilience to stand up to the greatest trials and emerge from the ashes stronger and better. That’s definitely what Wendy Gerhardt was able to do. The serial entrepreneur has bounced back from failure and disappointment and created a life of purpose and fulfillment for herself and her family.

Wendy Louise Gerhardt, a Master Mindset Coach and Success Strategist, has turned tragedy into triumph. A successful venture builder, she has created multiple businesses that bring in multiple six-figure revenue, allowing her to travel with her family to places like Bali, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Central America, and all over the United States while still earning through her virtual business. She’s also a strong advocate of the power of manifestation, a creed she not only advocates but also lives by every day of her life. 

As wonderful as things are for Wendy Gerhart today, her life was not always a bed of roses. Wendy grew up in a loving home run by a military father and an entrepreneur mother. Both played an influential role in her life. She learned the value of discipline and hardwork from her dad while also picking up a knack and wiring for business from her mom. While Wendy’s mom was always passionate about entrepreneurship, it wasn’t just sunshine and rainbows for them. Many times, her business would flail and struggle. 

Seeing those struggles, Wendy would run away from the adventure and volatility of an entrepreneur’s life and go down a more traditional path. She went to college and pursued employment. But even as she found comfort in a predictable income, Wendy Gerhart always felt like she was missing out. This longing would lead her to jump from one career to another, only to find disappointment. 

Soon after, she would jump into entrepreneurship. However, Wendy would discover that the world of business could be cruel at times. Even after investing a fortune into educational content and coaching, the first three years were a rough patch for the entrepreneur. She would experience tragedy at home after a flood devastated them, and endure frequent medical issues that left her unable to work for an extended period of time. 

At that point, Wendy Gerhardt had had enough. She wanted to be happy and was determined to pursue her goals. Wendy started to live healthier, both mentally and physically, and live by a new code. She started meditating, seeking spiritual enlightenment, and building her self-awareness. The more Wendy dug into changing herself from the inside out, the more things began to shift in her business.  She learned to manifest her goals effortlessly and focused on the impact her business made on others.

Fast forward to today, Wendy has a thriving business and life. She enjoys quality time with her husband, Geoff, and her two children while pursuing a fulfilling career. Moreover, Wendy Gerhardt now teaches other entrepreneurs how to transform their mindset and catapult their business into profits from the inside out, too.

Looking to the future, Wendy hopes to create a greater impact by helping others through international workshops and retreats focused on her meditation framework. She dreams of speaking at events with thousands of attendees and writes articles for major publications, assisting people in overcoming their struggles and building a life of purpose and happiness.

To learn more about Wendy Gerhardt, visit her website and Instagram account.

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