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What Happens in the Next Days Following Queen Elizabeth II’s Death

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Queen Elizabeth II has ruled as the UK’s monarch for more than 70 years. News of the monarch’s death spread like wildfire, with countless constituents flocking in front of the Balmoral Castle, where her remains are found. It is the national mourning for Englishmen who paid high regard to Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen’s eldest son, Prince Charles, is now King Charles III.

London Bridge is the codename used by Buckingham Palace Officials for the activities that details the Queen’s funeral followed by King Charles III’s coronation. It is years in the making and has now been enforced by officials now that the Queen is dead.

Here’s what will happen within 10 days:

Day 1

Official National mourning for the citizens of Britain will last until the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles takes over as the new monarch and is henceforth addressed as King Charles III. The new King will speak with other leaders like Prime Minister Liz Truss for a written statement and a national address to be broadcasted on Friday.

Bells will toll in honor of the Queen, including the tenor bell of Westminster Abbey, the Great Tom, St. Paul Cathedral’s state bell, and the Sebastopol Bell. Moreover, gun salutes are expected to commence at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and London’s Hyde Park. Flags will be raised at half staff.

Day 2

Queen Elizabeth II’s body will be relocated from Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh, the residence of the then-monarch.

The Privy Council will meet with the new King, where he will give his televised speech. The Archbishop of Canterbury will also attend the event. The King will be proclaimed as the new monarch while he stands on a balcony in St. James’s Palace and in the background in the national anthem, “God Save the King,” played by the royal band.

Flags will now be raised to full staff.

Day 3

Members of the royal family will convene at the St. Giles Cathedral for a service. Meanwhile, King Charles will meet with the First Minister of Scotland. Other towns and cities will also be making their proclamations in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Day 4

The coffin containing the Queen will be in slow transit via a train leaving St. Giles Cathedral and traversing much of London overnight. While the new King, with his wife, Camilla, will be in the Westminster Hall communicating with aggrieved people and expressing their condolences.

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Day 5

The Queen’s coffin will arrive in London, where it will now be brought to Buckingham Palace via vehicle. After that, the King will continue traveling from one point to another to consult with people, visiting Hillsborough Castle and St. Anne’s Cathedral.

Millions of people are expected to pay respects to the Queen’s dead body as it makes its temporary stop at Westminster Hall.

Day 6

A symbolic procession from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster carrying the coffin of the Queen is done. Members of the royal family, including Prince Harry and Prince William, and their children, will follow the procession on foot.

The gigantic Big Ben will be rung throughout the procession, accompanied by periodic gun salutes fired in Hyde Park. Once the coffin reaches Westminster Hall, the coffin will be laid in place for five days, where vigils are expected to commence within the next five days. The coffin will be heavily guarded.

Day 7

World leaders are expected to arrive in the vicinity and visit Westminster Hall to pay respects to the body of the Queen. The Royal Family will also sit with King Charles III at Buckingham Palace.

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Day 8

King Charles III will meet with the Prime Minister to discuss matters related to ruling his new constituents.

Day 9

The Queen will be given her official send-off. Luminaries and officials from all over the world are expected to attend. All members of the royal family, presidents and prime ministers from various countries, and other heads would be present in the Westminster Abbey to give their final goodbye to the Queen.

The coffin will traverse along the Grave of the Unknown Warrior and Big Ben, where a 2-minute national silence is observed. The coffin will then proceed to Buckingham Palace, Wellington Arch, until Windsor, the Queen’s final stop.

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