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What This 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Doing To Change The World

How does one change the world? 

A lot of individuals have redefined what it means to change the world. Some do so through actively participating in climate strikes, skipping plastic straws and advocating for sustainability while others do so through giving opportunities to women.

For this 25-year-old entrepreneur, Anthony Napolitano, it’s travelling to different countries across the globe, speak in front of thousands of people, share his knowledge, impact people’s lives, change it for the better and eventually, change the world. 

Since 2019, Anthony is travelling the world and impacting thousands of lives through financial education and literacy. He helps people expand their lives financially and provides them with a useful suite of services that helps individuals make, manage, and save money every day. His clients span from entrepreneurs to people in business, and even ordinary people who’re looking to turn their life around.

He has since been to over 70 countries across the globe, has spoken to more than 35 different stages in different countries and empowered thousands of people. Through his work ethic, focus, consistency and commitment, Anthony Napolitano is the youngest top earner in the network marketing industry. For most people, what Anthony has accomplished is more than anyone can ever accomplish in their lifetime. He even earned his top flyer status in two airlines for travelling to over 100 flights.

He’s doing all these to help people take control of their finances. Most people across the world don’t know a thing or two about financial literacy. Even worse, lots of people know financial literacy and can engage in financial topics, but it does not mean they will make the right decisions when it comes to managing their money. Anthony has seen people make big financial mistakes and they can’t do anything about it. Their hard-earned money gone in just a snap. Educating people is what Anthony Napolitano is working on — bridging the gap between finances and education. Moreover, he’s also empowering people to make more informed choices in handling their finances and looking for a vocation that they’re proud of doing.

Beyond that, he serves as a great example to his team on what can take place when someone is genuinely committed to his passion. He currently resides in Florida but is always on the move with this team. His mission has always been to reach as many people around the world as possible. Anthony is an entrepreneur his entire life, and he is now seeing his hard work.

Anthony is also working on not just an effective educator and speaker but also an innovative one. He is continuously improving his talks so that anyone can understand it fully. More importantly, Anthony makes sure everyone understands what his discussions are. He keeps things as simple as possible so that anyone can grasp the concepts. 

Anthony is only starting, but he’s committed to travel to more countries, reach more people, impact more lives, and continue to change the world as best as he can.

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