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WHO says that the World is Almost Seeing the End of Covid

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Director-General of the World Health Organization said that the world is almost seeing the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press Geneva press briefing on Wednesday.

“Last week, the number of weekly reported deaths from Covid-19 was the lowest since March 2020. We have never been in a better position to end the pandemic. We’re not there yet, but the end is in sight,” said Tedros.

“A marathon runner does not stop when the finish line comes into view; she runs harder with all the energy she has left. So must we. We can see the finish line; we are in a winning position, but now is the worst time to stop running. Now is the time to run harder and make sure we cross the line and reap the rewards of all our hard work.”

The health agency laid down six policy briefs on its website on Wednesday. The briefs should help governments across the world finally put an end to the pandemic. These briefs detail the experiences and conclusions made by experts within the past 32 months. They guide readers in saving, protecting health systems, and promoting a solid economic and social balance amid restrictions.

“[They are] an urgent call for governments to take a hard look at their policies and strengthen them for Covid-19 and future pathogens with pandemic potential,” added Tedros.

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There are still cases but are dropping

The World Health Organization said that there are still cases being reported. However, the number of cases is dramatically dropping. The trend is the same in the United States and the rest of the world.

In the latest update by the health organization, weekly incidences of Covid are showing a steady drop, with the recent week plunging around 28%. Meanwhile, John Hopkins University found that US Covid cases have also been dropping steadily over the last two months.

The fatality rates in the US have also decreased. This Wednesday, the WHO reported only 11,000 deaths, indicating a 22% decrease from the week before. Other regions are also seeing a decrease in their cases and mortality rates.

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The current Covid statistics

A total of five regions were surveyed by WHO. The European region saw the highest decrease at 31%, followed by the countries in the Southeast Asian Region with 25%. Meanwhile, American regions saw a 22% decrease, then Western Pacific Region at 11%, 10% was recorded in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, and 10% in the African Region.

Among all the countries recorded, the United States reported the most number of deaths in the recent week, followed by Japan, Russia, Brazil, and the Philippines. To tally all Covid-related deaths from its beginning until September 11, it would total 6.4 million.

After Covid wreaked havoc on all nations, mass vaccinations have been made by governments. To date, almost two-thirds of the total global population is vaccinated. In the US, the percentage is the same. However, these number does not account for complete vaccinations as others are only partially vaccinated and will undergo boosters yet.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added that mortality rates in the US could persist in the following weeks as cases are still being discovered, and there are still relatively lower vaccination rates in poorer areas.

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