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$windlaaa Talks Career Struggles and His New Clothing Line

At only twenty years old, $windlaaa is not only a rapper but also a businessman. The up-and-coming musician from Florida recently established two companies despite all his personal troubles and all the naysayers telling him he could never achieve his dreams.

Born in Upstate New York and raised in Miami, Florida, $windlaaa is an only child raised by a single mother. The artist was born Curtis Foster Jr. He resides in Florida but feels a stronger connection to his place of birth, Spring Valley, New York, because of the unique vibe and the connections he made there. Growing up, he would travel back and forth between Florida and New York all the time.

His mother, who worked in the hip hop music industry, inspired $windlaaa to take a music career path. He used to go to all the concerts and festivals where his mom worked backstage and he would watch the artists perform. He had always loved music as an art form. It was something he picked up himself. He started off as a beatmaker, just creating beats for fun. In college, they had a talent show called Verbal. Students went up to showcase their talents — rapping, singing, or performing poetry. He had written a poem about his father, but he didn’t have the courage to read it on stage. Instead, he read about certain people in his classes and some of his professors—and it was a success.

In making music, $windlaaa draws inspiration from the deep, honest truths in his life. Much of his music is about life after high school and the struggles he faced while learning to be out on his own. He often raps about relationship ups and downs, betrayals, disappointments, and the changes in people he used to rely on.

In his latest release, “Moving Fast,” $windlaaa raps about quitting college football to become a rapper and the backlash he is facing with himself and his family. This type of struggle is a common theme in his repertoire. In talking about his struggles, he wants his fans to know that they should not be afraid to pursue their passion despite the struggles that everyone will inevitably face after leaving high school. In doing so, he wants to prove to the naysayers who doubted to see his success that he did not give up on what he wanted for himself.

The young entrepreneur started a clothing line called Sheesh Clothing that is inspired by hip-hop culture​. The clothing line features T-shirts, crew neck sweatshirts, and sweatpants, which $windlaaa plans to expand in the future.

In his free time, the rapper loves to write music and plan for his next release. As an independent hip-hop artist, $windlaaa is always on the hunt for ways he can improve his art and widen his reach. He can often be found watching documentaries and hearing other artist’s stories on how they made it and what they had to do to become the power player they are now, utilizing the techniques they’ve learned to add to his craft.

$windlaaa looks forward to signing with a major record deal, traveling on tour around the world, and building more businesses. His personal motto is to just stay focused, block out all the extra noise, and be ready for the next chapter in life. 

Follow him on Instagram and check out his latest hits on Spotify—“Moving Fast,” “Pain,” “Lonely,” and “Made It.”

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