Women Grow Confidence and Booty’s with Amber Smith

Many people find that starting at a new gym can be intimidating. But for Amber Smith, it quickly became her happy space.

Amber now wants to help other women unlock the same joy she gets from fitness.

The former ballerina turned personal trainer from Melbourne, Australia joined the gym at 17. Unsure of what to do with the equipment after spending 14 years adhering to a strict training routine for dance, it took her many months to build the confidence to enter the weightlifting section.

But once she did, Amber never put the weights down.

“I eventually mustered up the courage to try some weights and became addicted,” said the young businesswoman. “The gym helped me skyrocket my self-confidence, transform my body and improve my mindset.

“I felt so good that I decided to make it my mission to help other young women around the world learn what I learnt about food and exercise so they too could feel empowered and achieve a lean body with a juicy booty.

“I decided to study personal training and nutrition and help women transform their life through fitness.”

The trainer’s personal fitness brand – Amber Smith Fitness – launched one year ago. It is already helping women in more than 10 countries, such as Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Saudi Arabia, achieve results and achieve the booty they desire.

The coronavirus pandemic posed an interesting challenge for the young entrepreneur, with gyms in Melbourne only just beginning to reopen in November. All fitness centres had been closed since March, except for a 16-day stint in June ahead of the second lockdown, as the city grappled to contain the virus.

This meant face-to-face training was no longer an option, forcing Amber to move her whole business online which allowed her to reach even more women than before.

“With the gym closures, I was ultimately forced to transition all clients from the gym to online. I began coaching clients and also providing regular free workout guides to my community online and watched as it grew enormously this year,” Amber said.

“By continuing online, I’ve produced more content for social media including Instagram and Facebook. YouTube especially and has enabled ASF to help more women around the world achieve their desired health and fitness goals.”

The fitness influencer currently has over 68,000 Instagram followers. She also has a growing audience seeking out her workout guides on Instagram and YouTube. Amber’s following is growing daily, with her content targeted at those beginning their journey to regular gym-goers and those still stuck at home.

She plans to resume face-to-face training when the gyms reopen as well as continuing to offer online support.

The personal trainer also practises what she preaches and understands the difficulty and sense of achievement that comes as part of a fitness journey.

“It felt so good that I decided to make it my mission to help other young women around the world learn what I learnt about food and exercise so they too could feel empowered and achieve a lean body with a juicy booty.”

Amber has built her targeted booty and glute workout programs, fitness equipment and online community on five core values she hopes to instil into her clients: passion, personal development, creativity, resilience and trust.

ASF currently offers two eight week programs for the gym and at home, ranging between $AUD50 and $AUD79, and booty band two packs for $AUD30.

The brand’s latest product, the new Mini Band collection, has just launched. The set of three resistance bands is perfect for home and gym training and is available just in time for Christmas and New Years’, offering a combination of aesthetic and quality not yet seen in similar Australian products.

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