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Young Crypto Khalid Ahmed Recounts His Challenging Times That Led to His Success

Khalid Ahmed is a 24-year-old crypto enthusiast who experienced success in the industry after going through the toughest challenges in his life. He goes by the name ISELLCOIN online, and at a very early age, he was forced to achieve financial freedom because if not, he and his family would have been living very different lives now. 

Khalid’s early success was greatly influenced by the need to meet his medical bills due to Crohn’s Disease at nine. He even experienced septic shock but saw this experience as more of a blessing than a curse. During his sophomore year in high school, he experienced complete remission from his chronic illness, but he was a great introvert due to the lack of social interaction when he was still a kid. As a result, he naturally fell into the nerd crowd in high school.

“All we talked about was computer parts, graphics cards, and video games. Every day when school ended, I flipped over older computer parts that I had around from constantly trying to get smoother frame rates in the video games I was playing,” said the young crypto enthusiast. 

Khalid met a client who was slightly older than him and offered him a high price for the AMD Radeon Graphics cards he possessed. He got curious and asked him why he needed 4 of the same cards and what game he was running to need that much power. He told Khalid that he was going to use it to mine Bitcoin, and that day, his life changed forever. 

“This affected me differently because the house was taken from my parents from the bank after they couldn’t pay the mortgage while paying my medical bills. So I began using 50% of the profits that I was getting to buy as much Bitcoin with my little money. I ended up also getting a second job at a movie theater to put extra money into Bitcoin,” recounted the young crypto enthusiast.

He invested in Bitcoin, and after exponential growth, his thousands amounted to six figures. He sold some of his Bitcoins and gave all the money to support his parents. They acquired a house in West Covina. He grew his business into selling video game rigs with graphics cards included. Eventually, his business did well, and he started making connections with Chinese suppliers. That allowed new ecommerce-based businesses such as Marvel and DC-inspired pocket knife online stores, hiking and outdoor niche-based online stores, and weighted blanket stores.

All of his online stores grew and flourished. He began to lease multiple warehouses in the United States to keep up with increasing demand. Eventually, he began to manufacture and sell exclusively in the United States. This allowed him to be identified by fellow business people, and he successfully sold his two companies for seven figures. 

Today, he still manages his weighted blanket company and his computer part company full time and is also an angel investor. He still invests in Bitcoin and Ethereum exclusively and has started investing in NFTs. His most recent angel investment is DOGPOUND, the most exclusive gym in the United States, and his fellow investors include Tom Holland and Adriana Lima.

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