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Zairath Perez Delivering Personalized Fitness to Busy Working Moms and Professionals

The hustle and bustle of life’s demands can often leave little to no room for personal fitness and health. This case is most especially true for working moms who have to fulfill both home and office duties. But one professional fitness expert, Zairath Perez, seeks to change that for thousands of overwhelmed yuppies and working moms all over the country. 

The 44-year-old retired firefighter and paramedic knows the struggles of keeping fit all too well. A single mom to an amazing nine-year-old girl, she often found herself struggling to keep up with her job demands. Passing first responder fitness tests was a challenge given how hectic her day usually was and how little time she had to focus on fitness. But through many years of finding the right balance and discovering ways to stay in shape despite busy schedules, Zairath Perez now looks to share her wealth of knowledge with others. 

“My Discipline which is something I have practiced daily for many many years now,” shares Zairath. “That is what gives me the insight to help so many others with empathy and compassion. Having been through many ups and downs in my life myself I can share in the difficult times. We all have them its navigating through them that seems to need the most help.” Today, Zairath is a certified sports nutrition and personal training coach who is extremely passionate about helping people achieve their ideal bodies through the right fitness and nutrition habits. She holds various qualifications and certifications, including being a NASN Sports Nutritionist, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Paramedic degree holder, AED, CPR Certified, Personal Training NCEP certified, and a Powerlifting Club Coach. 

What Zairath Perez wants more than anything in her business is for people to know that hard work, dedication, consistency, and grit are the keys to making the impossible possible. She shares how vital a coachable attitude is and how many clients she has helped because they had that trait. Today, the fitness coach has transformed the lives of thousands of clients through her programs. “Zee is an excellent coach and motivator,” shares one of her clients. “I have had several coaches and attended many classes in the past but none of which I have really seen the results. She is knowledgeable in nutrition, and has guided me to eat better so that I may be healthier. She is truly dedicated to her craft.”

Zairath runs her own coaching business called ZFit Coaching, a company that prioritizes authenticity and provides concierge-type services to anyone who looks to become a better version of themselves. Zairath provides full custom plans for every single one of her clients and remains readily accessible. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, ZFit Coaching started ramping up its online sessions via Zoom, Phone calls, and protocol-compliant face-to-face check-ins. The fitness company also launched a program called “Coach In Your Pocket,” which provides flexibility and consistency by creating on-demand training and instructional tools and materials for ZFit clients.

Fast forward to today, Zairath has opened up three successful gym locations. She hopes to expand her operations nationwide and serve more American professionals and working moms with her fitness and nutrition expertise.

To learn more about Zairath Perez and Zfit Coaching, visit their website and Instagram account.

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