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Zenith ZTA, the Leading Cryptocurrency for Global Healing

In a world driven by financial supremacy, plenty of systems are put into place to substitute the function of cash, one of them being a cryptocurrency. Although it doesn’t serve the same purpose as the typical cash, its flexibility has proven beneficial in certain situations. As a result, plenty of companies have dabbled in the art of cryptocurrency, and as of the latest, there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies in existence.

Zenith ZTA separates itself from the conventional digital currencies despite the flood of crypto coins, although in technicality, different cryptocurrencies serve different purposes. Zenith ZTA stands out because they are the first-ever NFT crypto created to be used in the clean energy sector. It vows to be the industry-standard cryptocurrency to be traded in the energy market; this is a ground plan to help combat the damaging effects of global warming and slowly facilitate the restoration of our planet. 

Another factor that makes Zenith ZTA unique and beneficial is that it is the first coin and token made that is legitimately backed by a multi-billion-dollar resource operation that turns gold and gemstone mining into something that supports clean energy. This mission-driven coin promises to revolutionize the fight against climate emergencies. 

Founded by John A. Hopkins, Zenith ZTA came from humble origins. It all started with a visit to specific areas in the African continent where Hopkins discovered the considerable need to provide clean water and food to thousands of families, not including the plethora of underlying concerns that make living in these places problematic and challenging. He knew that aside from clean water and proper nourishment, these places required technology to function fully. In next to no time, he provided the necessary arrangements to make these parts comfortable and habitable, saving thousands of people. This selfless act of kindness has pushed forth an entire global movement to help many localities in Africa by supplying them with clean resources and functioning technology.

It’s no surprise that this effort is made possible through John Hopkins and his incredible sense of leadership. Hopkins has been in business for over 30 years, a man of excellence and integrity, producing multi-million enterprises that provide thousands with good-paying jobs. With his spotless track record, he launched an international company called HGS Hopkins Global Solution. This multi-billion-dollar company has offices in Kenya, Congo, and the USA. He is a pioneer of many successful projects throughout the years resulting in millions of dollars of revenue. 

Zenith ZTA Coin is his project to help those who require a sustainable life. The crypto coin has just completed its private pre-sale and is now in the official stage of pre-selling to the public. Token prices start at $.001 and are available for purchase at during the pre-sale stage.

To find out more about Zenith ZTA and its plans for the future, check out their official website.  For pre-sale, visit this website.

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